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Audi Traffic Light Information tech aims to improve traffic flow

Audi Traffic Light Information system

The technology can be extended further by adding new features in the future.

Audi has unveiled its Traffic Light Information system which is the automaker’s first vehicle-to-infrastructure¬†technology. It will be available in select models starting from 2017. For now, the tech will only be offered in certain cities of the United States.

When the vehicle approaches a traffic signal, the system will update the driver on how long he/she has to wait before the green light. The countdown will be displayed on the instrument console or the HUD.

Audi Traffic Light Information system vehicle to infrastructure

The system will tell the driver how long he/she has to wait before the signal turns green.

The car’s Traffic Light Information system will connect directly to the city’s traffic management system via the onboard LTE service to collect the signal information. Select variants of the Audi Q7, A4, and A4 AllRoad will be equipped with this system in the initial phase.

The system will be integrated into navigation and start/stop systems in the future to improve the overall flow of traffic thereby increasing the efficiency. The improved efficiency could lead to shorter commuting times.

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The tech will be introduced in the US across select Audi models.

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Connected car technology which involves vehicles interacting with each other and with road infrastructure would be a crucial pillar in the future to enhance safety and promote autonomous vehicles in large scale.

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