Audi US 26.5% sales increase in September 2012

Audi sales across the US during the month of September 2012 has seen a 26.5% increase. This is the 21st consecutive month of increased sales experienced by Audi specially in their premium category vehicles such as A8, A7, A6, and Q7 which saw a 35.7% increase in demand during September while 12,302 unit sales were experienced where Audi new vehicles were concerned

During the period January to September 2012, Audi has sold 100,694 units in US markets crossing its 100,000 mark record for the third time while making September 2012 Audi’s third best month of US sales. Audi Q7 SUV was the best seller with a record breaking 94.6% increase in sales.

This was closely followed by Audi A6 which saw an 83.7% increase in sales during the month of September while Audi A8 sedan sales were also in demand and sales were up 34.1%. Audi’s new all roader A4 sales increased 12.8% while sales of the Audi A5 increased 25.6% with a 10.9% year to date increase.

Auto news release: Audi sets all-time U.S. September sales record with 26.5% increase
Audi reports 21st consecutive month of record sales; premium category vehicles (A8, A7, A6, and Q7) represent 35.7% of September demand
Audi today reported its 21st consecutive month of record performance with sales of 12,302 new vehicles representing a 26.5% increase above the old mark set in September 2011.

Total Audi sales year-to-date increased 18.5% from last year, with September setting the record for the period January through September, with 100,694 vehicles sold. Audi already has exceeded 100,000 U.S. sales for the third time ever, and September 2012 stands as the third-best month of U.S. sales in Audi of America history.

Sales of Audi premium category vehicles (the Audi A8, Audi A7, Audi A6, and Audi Q7) showed no signs of slowing down, with a 35.7% share of total September sales. Audi momentum benefitted strongly from robust demand for the technologically advanced Audi A6, generating a 83.7% sales increase for the month and a 107.5% increase year to date. Audi’s flagship vehicle, the Audi A8 sedan, is up 34.1% and the Audi Q7 luxury SUV also performed favorably with an astounding 94.6% increase for the month.

Sales of the updated Audi A4 combined with the new Audi allroad jumped 12.8% in September from a year earlier, while the product improvement for the Audi A5 helped boost its sales 25.6% for the month and 10.9% year-to-date. Furthering the U.S. position as a top market globally for Audi S model performance cars, sales of the Audi performance models accounted for 10.4% of the September’s sales mix.

“Our newly expanded lineup of S-model performance cars is delivering strong immediate results,” said Mark Del Rosso, Chief Operating Officer, Audi of America. “This fact, along with increasing demand for our refreshed core models, bodes well for record sales results by year-end and more gains into 2013.”

• September 2012 ranks as the best September in Audi of America history.
• Sales mix for Audi S models finished the month at 15.3% for the S4 and 35.5% for the S5/ RS 5.
• Audi A3 sales up 76.8% compared to September 2011; YTD sales grew 14.5% compared to previous period.
• Audi A4 sales up 12.8% compared to September 2011; YTD sales grew 10.9% compared to previous period.
• Audi A5 sales up 25.6% compared to September 2011; YTD sales grew 10.9% compared to previous period.
• Sales of Audi A6 increased 83.7% compared to September 2011; YTD sales up 107.5% compared to previous period.
• Sales of the Audi A8 increased 34.1% compared to September 2011.
• Sales of Audi Q7 increased 94.6% compared to September 2011; YTD sales up 8.5% compared to previous period.
• Sales mix for Audi TDI clean diesel models finish the month at 55.2% for the A3 TDI and 32.4% for Q7 TDI; sales of the Audi A3 TDI increased a solid 90.2% for the month.
• For the record-setting month of September 2012, four Audi models recorded year-over-year sales increases of 20% or more, including the Audi A3, Audi A5, Audi A6, Audi A8, and Audi Q7 models.
• Audi Certified pre-owned sales of 2,799 vehicles marked a strong finish despite the reduced inventory of available models for the program.