Auto headlamps on two wheelers to be mandatory in India from April 2017

In a bid to reduce fatalities involving two wheelers, the Indian government is all set to make auto headlamps on two wheelers mandatory from April 2017. The feature involves a headlamp which stays on as long as the engine is operating (the rider will not be able to switch it off).

Auto Headlamp has been a compulsory feature in international markets like Europe and has already proven to be potential live saver. The feature helps fellow motorists beware of the motorcycles’ presence before it’s too late, thereby reducing the chances of a crash.

It’s reported that, after consulting bike makers, the road transport ministry has finalized the norm. Since the feature only involves eliminating the headlight on/off switch and upgrading the quality of headlight elements, the additional cost would be marginal.

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The safety feature will eliminate the headlamp on/off switch and will keep the lights on as soon as the engine is started. (image: Mojo is used for representative purpose only)

Going by the government data, two wheelers accounted for the highest number of fatal crashes. Last year, 32,524 people lost their lives in accidents involving two wheelers while 1,27,452 people were injured.

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In addition to the auto headlamps on two wheelers, the transport ministry officials are also planning to come up with a device for all vehicles which can create a unique sound in the event of a crash. This feature will help locals and traffic cops attend to the crash victims quickly. While continuously blaring horns are used as crash alarms abroad, such a feature will not be effective in India since it won’t sound abnormal to¬†fellow road users or cops.

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