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Auto industry’s plea against NGT diesel ban to be heard in July

The auto industry’s plea against the NGT diesel ban is reported to come up for hearing sometime in the second week of July.

In addition to SIAM which argues that contribution of diesel vehicles to pollution is minuscule compared to the dust (touted as the primary pollutant), the Indian Government is also against the ban as it affects the investment and manufacturing in the sector. NGT is reportedly gearing up to extend the ban to 11 more cities.

 The diesel ban will have a direct impact on future product and investment plans of MNC OEMs.

For this purpose, the environmental watchdog has directed all the states of the country to submit data on pollution, population density and car density of their respective territories.

The ban aims to phase out diesel vehicles that are over 10 years old. While this move has not been opposed by automakers or the government (what the owners of such vehicles feel is an entirely different story), the ban on registration of new diesel passenger cars with engine displacement of 2.0-litre or higher has not been received well.

 SIAM says that dust is the primary contributor of pollution in India, not diesel vehicles.

In SIAM’s report on the impact of the Delhi diesel ban, the industry body stated that the first three months of the restriction in the NCR alone resulted in production loss of 11,000 units and job losses of over 5,000 (including dealerships). If the diesel ban is expected further, there will be more production and job losses.

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