Chennai rickshaw driver pulls off Guinness World Record – Video

M Jagathish, an auto rickshaw driver from Chennai has entered the Guinness Book Of World Records for 2016 by pulling of an amazing stunt of side-wheel driving. The official title of the record as stated by Guinness World Records reads, “furthest distance side-wheel driving on a motor tricycle”.

Jagathish demonstrated his exemplary vehicle control at Juhu Aerodrome, Mumbai, as a part of the “Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega” show. The stuntman managed to shatter the previous record by a huge margin. He managed to drive for 2.2 km on just two wheels (with the rear left wheel in the air)!

Side-wheeling auto rickshaw stunt – Video

Needless to say, the superstar auto rickshaw driver was very delighted to receive the coveted Guinness World Record certificate. Speaking about his interest in stunts, Jagathish said that he started with two wheelers at a young age and progressed to performing stunts in auto rickshaws once he became a professional driver.

He has been practicing the art of side-wheeling on deserted roads and at nights. He says that the key to a long side-wheeling stunt is maintaining optimum speed and delicate steering control.

Three-wheelers in general are highly unstable vehicles and hence are very tricky to even drive, let alone to perform stunts. So what M Jagathish from Chennai achieved is definitely something he should be very proud of.