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Automated driving test could make license approval difficult in Gujarat

On the sidelines of All India state government meet on road safety organised by Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and International Road Federation (IRF), Kamal Dayani, Transport Commissioner, Gujarat said getting a driving licence will become difficult as state Transport Department is introducing a sensor-based automated driving test in all major cities and district Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in Gujarat.

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Automated driving test system is a big step that takes India out of the clutches of backwardness wherein your fate is not determined by the mood of license approving officers. The process is now truly a skill based approval that has little to do with keeping the approval officer happy.

Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Junagadh and others have already implemented an Automated driving test facility. Number of applicants in these centres are high. License approval now involves a quality practical test as tracks are fitted with sensors.

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If a driver comes close to the track, or hits a sensor, it results in negative marking. Tracks (two for two-wheelers and one for four-wheelers) are fitted with over a hundred censor points near curves and speed breakers. The automated procedure helps provide a result immediately after the test. Applicants must score 70 per cent in the practical test, if not, they fail the test. Currently more than 30 pct driver applicants are failing.

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Automated license testing has helped reduce human interference, ensuring no driver gets through a practical test without meeting minimum test standards. The development reduces malpractice. Through 2013-14, over 7000 people died in fatal road accidents in Gujarat. The state looks to introduce Road safety audits on major roads and list accident black spots to improve road safety.

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