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Frost and Sullivan automotive industry White Paper

Frost and Sullivan is an Associate Partner to Messe Frankfurt’s ACMA Automechanika 2015. The automotive industry whitepaper intends to track tech changes from a global perspective in regards to Powertrains, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Transmission, Mobility, Electric Vehicles, and more. the focus is to help Indian suppliers in long term product and expertise development.

Changing Face of the Automotive Industry: Transformative Technologies of Future Cars

Vijay Kakade, Vice President, Automotive and Transportation Practice, Frost and Sullivan says radical shift technology adoption is foreseen in Indian automotive industry. The market here will mirror developed markets over the next decade. The future sees active safety tech, automatic transmission adaption in a big way, and increased hyrbrid and electric vehicles specific to Indian driving conditions. Frost and Sullivan whitepaper covers Car Safety, Transmission Technologies, Powertrain, Electric Vehicles, and Mobility.

Upward of 1.2 million people die each year globally on roads. About 20 and 50 million suffer non-fatal injuries. In more developed and high income regions like Europe and North America, road accidents have been dealt with seriously through concerted efforts by governments and automotive industry. This includes increased use of active and passive safety technologies. Automotive industry safety market will benefit from competition and legislation. As vehicle manufacturers strive to differentiate offerings in terms of additional features, customer willingness to pay for tech is growing too.

Transmission development paves the way for diversified automatic to hybrid transmissions. Fuel economy, CO2 regulations, market competitiveness, globalisation of power train portfolios, emerging market needs (China, India, Brazil, and Russia) and engine downsizing are key drivers. Mobility services are now more connected and integrated. Car sharing transportation is rapidly growing in Europe. Germany has the largest car sharing market in the region. Global tech and business solutions will find application in the Indian market in quick time.

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