Avoid diesel cars and lead a healthy life recommend experts

Health experts have recommended that health conscious citizens turn away from excessive use of diesel cars. It is surmised that diesel fumes can be carcinogenic as they can be as dangerous to health as other lethal substances such as asbestos, arsenic, mustard gas, alcohol and tobacco.

Health experts are concerned about the increased affinity being shown by buyers towards diesel vehicles as compared to petrol variants. This trend is increasing in India as compared to the Western counterparts who have recognised this danger in excessive use of diesel cars. Dr. Manish Siddha, a senior oncologist in India has stated that diesel fumes are carcinogenic but despite this being a known fact, people in India are still showing more demand towards diesel vehicles.

International Agency for Research in Cancer, a faction of World Health Organization has reported on the direct link between diesel engine exhaust and certain cancers in humans. This is a growing concern especially considering a dramatic increase in sale of diesel cars in the past few years. Demand for diesel cars has more or less doubled in the past few months while demand for petrol cars has suffered a setback.

Dr Manish Siddha, Oncologist said, “Diesel fumes cause cancer due to which people in western world have started reducing the use of diesel vehicles in their countries. Lately, Indians are extensively switching to diesel mode for cost-cutting which is risky.”

Dr Fakhruddin, Superintendent, Cancer Hospital said, “Diesel is carcinogenic (cause of cancer) to those who are exposed to its fumes for a very long time. Oblivious to the health hazards, large number of people have started buying diesel cars.”

Is it not better to lead a healthy life and pay the high price of petrol rather than scrimping on a family budget and paying the price by ill health? What do you think? Leave your interesting comments below.