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Axalta Coating Systems partners Akshaya Patra food programme in Gujarat

Funding is part of a national programme so Akshaya Patra can feed children in India to augment and contribute to the country’s sustainable social and economic development. Axalta Coating Systems is proud to associate itself with Akshaya Patra’s vision that no child should be deprived of education due to hunger.

Axalta Coating Systems supports Akshaya patra in Gujarat

Akshaya Patra mid-day Meal Scheme in Bangalore was initiated in 2000 with an initial outreach to 1500 children. The successful pilot model was adopted by government of India and led to the formation of a public-private partnership with Akshaya Patra. Blue buses deliver mid-day meals to 1.3 million children in India across 20 locations in nine states. 16 centralized technology-intensive kitchens in eight states prepare 100,000 meals per kitchen every morning.

Vinay Rajadhyaksha, Managing Director of Axalta Coating Systems operations in India says community development and associating with social causes to ensure sustainable development is part of Axalta’s values as a company. Axalta takes pride in contributing to society, and especially to communities where it operates. Reaching out to children in Gujarat with nutritious meals through Akshaya Patra helps Axalta give back to society in the best possible manner by making available resources needed for education, so, they can contribute to the nation as they grow into adults.

Jaganmohan Krishna Dasa, President, Akshaya Patra says the organisation transforms lives of millions of children across India.In a move where to child is deprived of education because of hunger, it aims to reach 5 million children by 2020. He thanked Axalta Coating Systems for its support. The partnership further strengthens the determination to serve children better.

Akshaya Patra initiatives help improve school attendance, decrease drop-out rate, fosters school enrolment and socialisation among children through better nutrition. Axalta Coating Systems’ support to Akshaya Patra in Gujarat focuses on a positive impact on development of communities across India.

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