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Bad weather halts Fearless Felix Baumgartner edge of space skydive


Plans for daredevil Felix Baumgartner were put on hold on Tuesday owing to strong winds which could prove dangerous to the balloon. Known as Fearless Felix these days, the Austrian is looking to attempt a world record skydive from over 120,000 feet over the New Mexico desert. The Austrian would break a longstanding altitude record for the highest free fall dive if this jump goes ahead.

Due to bad weather the jump was cancelled owing to the problems that would be caused due to strong winds on the fragile balloon exterior. The daredevil has on him a special suit that has been designed to protect him from the rigors of this jump. The suit was designed at a cost of $200,000 by a number of engineers, pilots and doctors.

Apart from this pressurized suit, the parachute has been designed of plastic that is tenth of the thickness of a normal sandwich bag. The helium balloon which will take the Austrian up into the stratosphere is tall as a 55 storey building. It has been deemed as the biggest balloon designed to carry a single passenger. Depending on the weather, the jump will take place on the next day.

Update: The dive has been postponed till Sunday, 14th Oct 2012.


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