Baja 2015 results – COEP, Pune claims first place overall, 9 awards in total

COEP grabbed a total of 8 awards in Baja 2014 while securing second place overall. As a comeback, this year’s team bagged 9 awards in total and claimed the title.

Baja 2015 winner COEP Pune
College of Engineering, Pune has been on the podium for the past four years of Baja SAE India.
COEP won three awards in Static Events of Baja 2015, namely second in CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), second in Build Quality and second in Safe Vehicle. These were evaluated by the judges during Technical Inspection and Design Presentation.

Apart from securing one Technical Award – second place in Innovation category, Dynamic awards for COEP Team Nemesis comprises of first place in Acceleration (doing 0 to 150 feet sprint in 4.6 seconds), first place in Hill Climb (quickest to climb about 50 metres on concrete ramp at over 25 degrees gradient), first place in Raftar Award (considered based on analytical average of vehicle speed, climbing time, acceleration and unladen weight – appreciating the Buggy’s engineering), first place in Durability / Endurance race and Overall First place – title.

D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Pune was the first runner up overall and VIT University, Vellore was second. While the latter got another award – second in Durability / Endurance Race, the former did not claim any other.

Baja 2015 COEP Pune
COEP Team Nemesis had the lightest vehicle in the event, weighing just 160 kg. This is by far the lightest buggy in the history of Baja SAE India.
COEP, Pune has participated in baja South Africa in October 2013 and secured first in Endurance race, first in Cost Report Event and this overall.

2015 Baja SAE India post event press release