Bajaj Allianz Drive Master online racing game part of Drive Safely campaign: Win Formula One 2012 Indian Grand Prix tickets

In order to encourage people to drive safely, Bajaj Allianz launched an online racing game known as Drive Master. The game tests the gamer’s ability to drive safely under the pressure of day to day distractions witnessed in modern day driving. In order to make this game more interesting, a pre set lap of Nico Rosberg has been infused within the game. Those players who are able to beat this lap time will be entitled to free tickets for the Formula One Grand Prix to be held in Delhi later in the month.

The main objective of this game is to beat Nico Rosberg’s lap time. However, this task is not made easy as Nico himself is the root of all distractions. Throughout the duration of the race, users need to concentrate on their driving skills, while Nico bombards their phones with social media updates, messages and phone calls.

Through this game, the company wants people to understand that its necessary to drive carefully not only on a race track but also on city roads. Road safety is not taken very seriously in India, an being one of the largest insurance institutions in India, Baja Allianz wants to sustain the cause to drive safely every time one is on the road.

India auto news release: Bajaj Allianz launches online racing game ‘Drive Master’ featuring F1 driver Nico Rosberg as part of its ‘Drive Safely’ campaign

· Game available on Facebook and other websites to help communicate the Bajaj Allianz ‘Drive Safely’ campaign to a countrywide audience online

· Winners of the game will get a chance to watch the F1 Grand Prix live in New Delhi

· ‘Drive Safely’ on ground campaign to be organized in many cities

· ‘Road Safety’ fund to be created from points scored by participants

Bajaj Allianz has launched a unique online car racing game called ‘Drive Master’ as part of its ‘Drive Safely’ campaign. The ‘Drive Master’ game measures the concentration level of the user by emulating the increasing distractions in modern day driving. The game can be played on Facebook on the ‘Jiyo befikar’ fan page – or through Players who beat the pre-set lap time of Nico Rosberg, Formula One driving sensation from Mercedes Petronas GP Team, in the game can stand to win tickets to the Formula One Grand Prix to be held in Greater Noida later this month.

The ‘Drive Master’ game has been inspired by the recent research by Allianz on driver distraction and has been developed by them. The game features Nico Rosberg, who acts as distractions during the race and also gives out safety tips once the game has been completed.

The total points accumulated by various players will be monetized by Bajaj Allianz to create a virtual Road Safety Fund. This Road Safety Fund will be used by Bajaj Allianz towards various initiatives across the country to help make driving on Indian roads a safer experience. In fact, ‘Drive Safely’ awareness campaign will created through on-ground activities in many cities across India.

“Road safety is a major global issue. On an average, one in ten road accidents in the world happen in India and as one of biggest insurer of life and cars in the country, we aim to be with the people even before anything happens. Through the ‘Drive Master’ game, we wish to demonstrate the importance of keeping your concentration while driving, not only on the F1 track, but on the roads as well,” said Rituraj Bhattacharjee, Head-Market Management, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance.

How to play ‘Drive Master’

The objective of the game is to beat Nico Rosberg’s lap time. Whilst racing Nico’s ghost car around the track, the user receives social media posts, text messages, phone calls and Facebook messages from Nico himself in the game, which all appear to distract the user. The user must avoid being distracted to post the best lap time and beat Nico. At the end, the game shows how many times the player was distracted and how.

About Bajaj Allianz ‘Drive Safely’ campaign

The Bajaj Allianz ‘Drive Safely’ campaign for road safety is in its second year. This year, the Road Safety fund has been introduced as an initiative to sustain the cause throughout the year, even after Formula One has culminated.