Bajaj Auto to launch Tata Nano competitor at the Delhi Auto Expo

Bajaj Auto has announced that they will be unveiling their much awaited new small and low priced car at the 2012 Delhi Auto Show. What had been showcased way back in 2008 is now ready for launch and will be seen on Indian roads right after the auto show.

High fuel efficiency is one of the plus points of this Bajaj small car, as it is expected to offer 30 km per liter. An engine capacity of 800 cc would make this small and compact vehicle available for a price higher than that of Tata Nano for obvious reasons. Tata Nano offers fuel efficiency of only 25 kmpl.

Bajaj has entered into an agreement with Renault and this new vehicle will be marketed under Renault though Bajaj Auto will be both manufacturer and developer and Renault will be in charge of promotion and marketing. Further details such as price and model will be revealed at the Delhi Auto Show. Once this vehicle is launched it is bound to be a limitation to sales of Nano as customers will be attracted to the promises of higher fuel efficiency.

Bajaj executive, related to the small car project said, “The car’s model is already complete. However, the company has got the final nod from its other partners, Nissan and Renault, which have approved the design. Earlier the car was supposed to be cheaper than Nano. However, other partners (Renault-Nissan) said that there should be no compromise on quality even if it means pricing it higher. Moreover the company had the advantage that it could rework on the mistakes of the predecessors in the segment. Only cheap car is not enough to attract customers as consumers want value for money in this segment.”