Bajaj Avenger bike ambulance starts plying in Goa

Paramedics will ride the two wheeler ambulances in an attempt to reach an accident or casualty spot in quick time. Images - Vishal Naik (PhotoPundit).

People of the state of Goa have a delightful news. The state has introduced bike ambulance service for the citizens. This was announced by officials during a ceremony organised by the Department of Health and Family Welfare.

Needless to say, the first responder bike ambulance is launched to penetrate dense traffic and attend to the needy in time. 22 Bajaj Avenger bikes are specially modified to accommodate first aid kit, medical equipments like stethoscope, IV normal saline, pulse oxymeter, mini oxygen tank, and around 53 drugs.

The bike ambulance service will deploy the new first responder before larger ambulance vehicles arrive at the scene.

The Bajaj Avenger bike ambulance costs roughly Rs. 2 lakhs. The bikes will be ridden by professional paramedics with training to perform tactical manoeuvres to reach the spot evading traffic.

A first responder bike ambulance is targeted to reach an injured person in Goa in less than 10 minutes from the call. While the paramedic starts resuscitation measures, a full size ambulance will already be en route to relieve him and carry the victim to a hospital.

Goa’s Health Minister – Vishwajit Rane said, “Paramedics will ride the two-wheeler ambulances mounted with essential medical equipment which can reach the accident or casualty spots quickly. Facilities like oxygen cylinder and injections which are required to stabilise the patient would be mounted on these two-wheelers.”

Apart from Goa, similar Bajaj Avenger Ambulances are already in service in Bangalore and Delhi. They are proving their worth by helping people in need.