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Bajaj Avenger Electric Hybrid Motorcycle – Modifying Kit Price Rs 28k

Bajaj Avenger Electric Motorcycle Modified
Bajaj Avenger Modified into an petrol electric hybrid motorcycle

The EV conversion kit used in Bajaj Avenger 220 has been sourced from GoGoA1 which is available for sale online at a price of Rs 27,760

With the rise in demand for electric mobility in India, especially in the two-wheeler segment, the market has also seen a spike in the demand for EV conversion kits. While we recently saw a Maruti Dzire EV and a fully electric Hero Splendor retrofitted with an electric conversion kit, this time a Bajaj Avenger is seen running on a battery-powered source.

Bajaj Avenger Modified Electric Motorcycle Hybrid

Unlike the previous two models mentioned above, this EV kit allows the rider to choose between petrol power or battery power mode depending on circumstances. In essence, this is a pure petrol-electric hybrid kit that has the convenience to switch between pure IC engine and pure EV mode.

A video of the process of converting this petrol-powered Avenger 220 Cruise has been uploaded on YouTube by Creative Etc. This EV conversion kit has been sourced from GoGoA1 which is available for sale online at a price of Rs 27,760. The kit comprises components like a 2000W, 17-inch Brushless Hub Motor, a Regenerative Controller, a Wrist Throttle, disc with catcher, mounting plate and a coupler.

Modifications Made

Design of the stock Avenger has been kept intact in this modified hybrid prototype for most parts barring a new 17-inch front wheel that houses a brushless hub electric motor. Along with this, it gets new mountings installed on the rear fender to carry the battery pack and a small switch on the right side of the handlebar that lets one turn on electric power.

Although the video says it’s a DIY (Do It Yourself) Project it will take more than a skilled mechanic to carry out all the complicated stuff to follow. For starters, to incorporate the new front wheel with a hub motor, front forks have been re-fabricated. Also, the front disc brake needs modification in order to collaborate with the new front wheel successfully.

Next up, the battery pack needs to be encased within a small metallic box that has to be fabricated through cutting and welding. After this, the battery is installed on the mounts of the rear fender but in order to do that, the bike’s rear turn indicators have to be repositioned. Speaking of the battery, this conversion kit consists of a 72V, 35A Lithium-ion pack.

The controller is installed by making some minor changes to the electrical system. Finally, a switch to engage and disengage the electric motor is added near the original switchgear. After the complete modification, the IC engine drives the rear wheel through the in-house transmission system, whereas the electric hub motor drives the front wheel.


In pure electric mode, Avenger 220 is able to touch a top speed of 60kmph which is decent enough whereas it claims to offer a range of 40-50 km on a full charge. The system also comes with a reverse mode. While this is a very attractive conversion kit, its legality still remains a question since nowhere has it been mentioned that it is an RTO-approved kit.

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