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Is Bajaj’s new ad film claiming Avenger is same as Royal Enfield?

Filmed along rough and hilly terrains of Leh, Ladakh, the new Bajaj ad film was released on YouTube. It has amassed over 21 lakh views in 4 days. This ad film was made to highlight Brotherhood Day, which is celebrated on 11th September.

Along with Bajaj Avenger, the ad also showcases a Royal Enfield. Now why would you produce an ad which showcases a motorcycle from a different brand? On top of it, Avenger is no way in the same class as a Royal Enfield. Both are catering to a totally different segment of buyers. So why is Bajaj using a Royal Enfield in the ad?

Is it possible that apart from promoting brotherhood among bikers via this new ad campaign, Bajaj is also conveying a different message (in the subtlest way possible) – Bajaj Avenger can do everything that a Royal Enfield can?

There are many indications. The terrain for example. Leh, Ladakh and Himalayas are the kind of terrains a Royal Enfield motorcycle is associated with. Shooting the ad at such a location, the maker is emphasizing that a Bajaj Avenger can also do the same thing. Second point, if you calculate, in this Bajaj ad film, more screen time has been given to the Royal Enfield motorcycle.

Some would argue that because it is a brotherhood film Bajaj is using a different brand in the ad. They could have done the same if there were riders who were riding different Bajaj motorcycles (remember the Pulsar Gangslang ads? That ad too promoted brotherhood, but all bikes in the ad were of Bajaj brand).

Bajaj has made it more than clear that they are going to launch bikes in the price segment same as that of Royal Enfield motorcycles. And this ad campaign will definitely help them go a long way in promoting their bikes to those who are aspiring to buy Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Whatever be the case. Bajaj seems to be ace’ing it when it comes to marketing. First the V15 (INS Vikrant metal) and now promoting Avenger as a Royal Enfield substitute.

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