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Metal chunk from alloy falls off while riding on smooth tarmac – Claims biker (UPDATE)

UPDATE – 9th July 2017

Experts from Bajaj have investigated the issue and have come to the conclusion that the quality of the alloy was not an issue in this case. They have checked the alloy’s porosity, and the results reveal that the alloy quality is same as that of other alloys of Dominar.

Bajaj personnel opine, there can be two reasons for the alloy to break in such a way. First – Either the bike was abused previously, which, is when the alloy could have developed a crack. Second – The breakage of the alloy could be consequential. The rider probably lost control while taking the turn and upon impact, the alloy could have broken.

Original Story – 8th July 2017

30 year old Manav Smith purchased his Bajaj Dominar ABS in April 2017. Until now, he has ridden about 1,300 kms on the bike. Earlier this week, he, and his brother (25 yr old Ayan Jyoti Smith) were riding on the Guwahati – Shillong highway, when they met with an accident.

Ayan was riding, and Manav was sitting pillion along the fairly smooth 4-laned Guwahati – Shillong highway. They maintained speed of about 50 kmph since the highway isn’t all straight, and road users are greeted by numerous turns and bends. While taking on such a bend (not a corner), the bike lost balance, and both fell on the road.


Manav and Ayan, both perplexed, as to what happened and why they fell off on smooth tarmac started looking for reasons as to what went wrong. Ayan injured his hands, chest and knee, and scraped his helmet. Manav got out of the incident unscathed.


After picking themselves up, and the fallen Dominar to the side of the road, they realized the rear tyre was flattened completely. Initially, they thought it was a puncture that caused them to lose balance and fall. It isn’t logical though for a tubeless tyre to go completely flat in a fraction of seconds.

What happened?

That’s when they realised a chunk of the rear alloy had come off from its left side, most like;y when they had just ridden over the slight bend towards the right side. Manav and Ayan searched for the fallen alloy part, but were unable to locate it. Apart from the damaged alloy, the fall damaged fuel tank extensions, brake lever, and exhaust. The installed crash guard too had bent due to the fall.

Dealer says

Manav reached Bajaj service in Guwahati – Unnati Bajaj, where he explained what had happened. The service manager chose not to believe Manav’s story. The service staff personnel opined Manav must have done something else with his bike as there is ‘no way’ an alloy can break while riding on smooth tarmac at 50 kmph.

Not wanting to argue further, and wanting his bike fixed at the earliest, Manav requested his Dominar be repaired under insurance. Unfortunately, the dealer said it would take about 2 months to be fixed as there are no spares available currently. His bike is parked at the service centre.

Bajaj investigating

Upon sharing Manav’s case with Bajaj, they told us that details have been shared with the respective department, and the incident will be investigated further by experts.

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