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Bajaj Dominar new ad – This time they are not trolling Royal Enfield, but racing against a typist (Video)

Dominar is a new brand of motorcycle which Bajaj had launched in Dec 2016, with sales starting earlier this year. The idea behind the launch of this motorcycle was to give consumers in the 350-500 cc segment, a feature-loaded, performance oriented machine.

Bajaj had hoped to eat into the share of Royal Enfield motorcycles, who are the leaders in this segment with more than 80% market share. But that has not been the case. Royal Enfield sales continue to soar, while sales of Dominar on the other hand, have been dismal. At the time of launch, Bajaj had hoped Dominar sales would average at 10,000 units a month in the domestic market, but instead, Dominar sales average at 1,000 to 1,500 units a month.

In order to push sales, Bajaj has regularly promoted their Dominar on various channels with different themes. First it was Dominate the Night, then came HyperRiding, then came Haathi Mat Chalao, and now comes Race against Social Media.

So what is this Dominar vs Social Media? Well, in this new promo video, Bajaj raced the Dominar 400 against a twitter user. The race is to reach 140 first. For Dominar rider, he has to reach the speed of 140 kmph before the twitter user types out 140 characters. To make it more exciting, there are some flames too in the video. Who do you think will win? Watch the video below.

It is not clear what is being achieved by showing a Dominar race against the typing speed of a person. If they would have just shown it race against its rival, would have made a better sense. Typing speed depends from person to person. Below is a video of Gaurav Sharma typing a message on a smartphone. He is the world record holder of typing the fastest message on a touch-enabled smartphone.

Leave Gaurav, there are some readers who claim that they can type 140 characters faster than the person who is shown in the Dominar ad above. What do you think of this new Bajaj Dominar ad? Do leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

BTW, this is the first episode, there are many more to come. We will keep adding the new episodes below.

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