Bajaj plants have 50% women workforce, Co-bots help increase production

Since 2010, Bajaj Auto Limited has been using state of the art co-bots (collaborative robots) at the production lines across their plants in Akurdi, Chakan, Waluj and Pantnagar.

These co-bots have given Bajaj Auto two benefits. First, it has increased participation of women on the shop floor. Second, co-bots have managed to augment production of two-wheelers from 507 vehicles per person per year to 804 units per person per year.

bajaj waluj plant

Vikas Sawhney, General Manager, Robotics and Automation has confirmed that there are at least 120 Co-bots working at the company plants. These not only speed up production, but also increases participation from women workers in the plant.

Co-bots used by Bajaj Auto are manufactured by Universal Robots, a Danish robotic company. These Co-bots help in a variety of tasks right from welding and decal application and have been found to be flexible and easy to handle. The Co-bots have been selected for their compactness, safety and cost effectiveness and are able to carry out repetitive tasks with precision.

bajaj plant bangladesh

Following the successful use of Co-bots by Bajaj Auto, Universal Robots, leading manufacturer of advanced user friendly and light industrial robotic arms, founded in Denmark in 2005, has opened shop in India in October 2015.

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