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Bajaj Price Increase July 2022 – Pulsar, Avenger, Dominar, Platina, CT110

Bajaj motorcycle range and Chetak electric scooter undergo price hike in July 2022, most vehicles are now costlier

New Bajaj Pulsar 250
New Bajaj Pulsar 250

It’s that time of the year again. Whether it’s the start to Q1, Q2, or Q3, each year customers find automobiles getting pricier at the start of most quarters. And the start to July 2022 is one such period. Bajaj’s current price hike is close to an average of 1 percent for a majority of its motorcycles.

CT110X now costs Rs 66,298, up from Rs 65,453. Price hike of 1.29 percent equated to an increase of 845 bucks. Platina 100 ES Drum variant price increase is steeper at 3.23 percent, up at Rs 63,130 from Rs 61,152. Price hike is at 1,978. Platina 110 ES Drum now costs Rs 66,317, up from Rs 65,491. Price difference stands at Rs 826, up at 1.26 percent. Bajaj Platina 110 ES Disc, the priciest variant is still available at Rs 69,216 with no price hike.

July 2022 Bajaj Avenger price

Avenger 160 price is listed at Rs 1,11,827, up from Rs 1,11,462. Price hike equates to Rs 365 at .33 percent increase. Bajaj Avenger 220 price hike of .41 percent, the motorcycle is now costlier by Rs 563, up at Rs 1,38,368 from Rs 1,37,805.

The auto manufacturer’s motorcycle portfolio largely comprises Pulsar variants. Of these, Pulsar 125 Drum single seat and split seat variants continue to be sold without a price hike. They are available at Rs 81,389 and 84k. Pulsar 125 Disc single seat now costs Rs 87,149, up from Rs 86,048, costlier by Rs 1,101. The same is true for the Pulsar 125 Disc split seat which is now available at Rs 90,003, up from Rs 88,902.

Bajaj Two Wheeler Prices July 2022
Bajaj Two Wheeler Prices July 2022

July 2022 Bajaj Pulsar price

Pulsar 150 Neon now costs Rs 1,04,448, up from Rs 1,03,731. Price hike equates to Rs 717 up at .69 percent. Pulsar 150 Single disc price is now listed at 1,11,174, up from Rs 1,10,458 at a price increase of Rs 716 at .65 percent increase. The 150 Twin Disc variant is available for a price of Rs 1,14,176, up from Rs 1,13,459. At .69 percent hike, price increase stands at Rs 717.

At 1.13 percent price hike on Pulsar NS 125, the motorcycle is now available at a price of Rs 1,04,371, up from Rs 1,03,206. It’s costlier by Rs 1,165. Pulsar NS 160 is costlier by Rs 896 at .73 percent. It now costs Rs 1,23,750, up from Rs 1,22,854. NS 200 is pricier by Rs 999, up at Rs 1,40,666 from Rs 1,39,667. Price increase is at .72 percent. RS 200 is costlier by almost 1,11 bucks, up at Rs 1,70,067 from Rs 1,68,979. Price hike stands at .64 percent.

July 2022 Bajaj Dominar and Chetak electric scooter price

Bajaj Pulsar 160 Single and Dual ABS prices are unaffected. They are available at Rs 1,22,854, and Rs 1,27,853. Pulsar N250 Single ABS is pricier by .90 percent at a price hike of Rs 1,299. It now costs Rs 1,44,979, up from Rs 1,43,680. N250 Dual ABS price is unchanged at Rs 1,49,978. F250 Dual ABS too is available at the same unchanged price. Pulsar F250 Single ABS price too remains unchanged at Rs 1,44,979.

Dominar 250 now costs Rs 1,75,002, up from Rs 1,68,602. Price hike stands at Rs 6,400 up at 3.80 percent. Dominar 400 price hike is less steep at .52 percent. It’s costlier by Rs 1,152 at Rs 2,23,538, up from 2,22,386. Chetak, ex sh Pune price is listed at Rs 1,54,189, up from 1,41,440. It’s the steepest price hike in-house at 9.01 percent making the lone Bajaj electric scooter costlier by Rs 12,749.

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