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Bajaj Price List Jan 2021 – Pulsar, Platina, CT100, Avenger, Dominar Prices Increased

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200
Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

To get in the spirit of the new year, a price revision has been introduced for MY21 Bajaj motorcycles

New year. New Me. Sounds great. But that’s not how it works with automobiles. What does change is manufacturing year. The cause and effect being new model year vehicle, in this case MY21 vehicles are more likely than not pricier.

As a norm, such disclosure is usually made in the closing weeks of the year prior. It serves a dual benefit. One, as a reminder that vehicles are going to be costlier soon. Simultaneously, it brings spring to people’s steps as they go about bargain hunting just in case there’s a good deal to be found.

With attention to December deals and discounts, this enthusiasm is heavily relied on to boost year end sale. Certainly a period when manufacturers are dealing with the low ebb of slow shopping trends following a robust festive season in the preceding months.

Jan 2021 Bajaj Motorcycles Price List

Price revisions are thought out carefully to offset input costs. Most importantly, they can’t be so steep that buyers are put off. And a pre-decided cap of price hike percentage means prices vary across the product lineup depending on base price. To start with, Bajaj’s entry price point vehicle CT100 alloy KS is now costlier by 500 bucks at Rs 46,931. The ES variant warranted a steeper revision at Rs1,344. This widens the price gap between both variants even further. ES now costs RS 53,491.

Bajaj Motorcycle Price List Jan 2021
Bajaj Motorcycle Price List Jan 2021

Base Platina variant continues at same price as before – Rs 51,667. Bajaj Platina 100 ES drum variant price hike is least at Rs 403 at a revised price point of about 59 grands. ES disc variant is now costlier by 1,900 bucks. Price is revised to Rs 62,726 from Rs 60,826. The 110 H gear disc variant is costlier by just over a grand at Rs 64,077 from Rs 76,922.

2021 Bajaj Pulsar variants and price

For one thing, where the Pulsar is concerned, Bajaj presents an entourage. In essence, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t know just how many variants there are. In fact, entry level Pulsar 125 Drum CBS is the only bike across the portfolio that has seen a price reduction of Rs 506 instead of a hike. The unit now costs Rs 71,616, down from Rs 72,122 earlier. Both, 125 Disc CBS, and split seat duo are costlier by Rs 1,024. Disc CBS price is revised to Rs 77,946 from Rs 76,922. 125 Split Seat Drum CBS now costs Rs 74,298, up from Rs 73,274. Disc variant price is revised to Rs 81,242 from just over 80 grands.

Bajaj, Ex-Sh, Delhi in RsJan-21Old PriceDiff
CT100 Alloy KS46,93146,432499
CT110 Alloy ES53,49152,1471,344
Platina 100 KS Drum51,66751,6670
Platina 100 ES Drum59,00858,605403
Platina 100 ES Disc62,72660,8261,900
Platina 110 H Gear Disc64,07763,0271,050
Pulsar 125 Drum CBS71,61672,122-506
Pulsar 125 Disc CBS77,94676,9221,024
Pulsar 125 Split Seat Drum CBS74,29873,2741,024
Pulsar 125 Split Seat Disc CBS81,24280,2181,024
Pulsar 150 Neon94,12592,6271,498
Pulsar 150 Single Disc1,01,08299,5841,498
Pulsar 150 Twin Disc ABS1,04,9791,03,4821,497
Pulsar NS1601,10,0861,08,5891,497
Pulsar 180F1,14,5151,13,0181,497
Pulsar 220F1,25,2481,23,2452,003
Pulsar NS2001,33,2221,31,2192,003
Pulsar RS2001,52,1791,52,1790
Avenger 160 Street1,02,5921,01,0941,498
Avenger 220 Cruiser1,24,6341,22,6302,004
Dominar 2501,67,7181,65,7152,003
Dominar 4001,99,7551,97,7581,997

Pulsar 150 Neon is costlier by about 1,500 bucks at Rs 94,125, up from Rs 92,627. On balance, remainder of Pulsar variants retail for a price tag of over a lakh. At a price revision of Rs 1,498, 150 single disc variant now retails at Rs 1,01,082, up from just under a lakh. 150 Twin Disc ABS, NS160 and 180F too have been made costlier by about 1,500 bucks.

Pulsar 150 Twin Disc ABS now retails at Rs 1,04,979. NS160 costs 1,10,086, up from Rs 1,08,589. Pulsar 180F price was revised to Rs 1,14,515. 220f and NS200 are both pricier by 2 grands. 2021 price list is revised at Rs 1,25,248, and Rs 1,33,222, respectively. Comparatively, the range-topping RS200’s price remained unchanged at just over 1.5 lakhs.

Bajaj Avenger and Dominar price revision for 2021

Although, Pulsar range gets most attention, Bajaj’s once popular Avenger continues to be available in 2 variants. Avenger 160 Street is costlier by 1,500 bucks at RS 1,02,592, up from Rs 1,01,094. The 220 Cruiser variant is costlier at Rs 1,24,634. Price revision is limited to just over 2 grands, up from Rs 1,22,630.

The Dominar duo are the priciest offerings from Bajaj. Dominar 250 is now 2 grands dearer at Rs 1,67,718. Dominar 400 price too is revised by about 2 grands and now retails for just under 2 lakhs, at Rs 1,99,755.

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