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Bajaj Pulsar 160 Modified Into A Quirky Cruiser At Home – For Rs 20k

As only a few of the original parts of Pulsar NS160 have been used, this project is more like creating an entirely new bike

Bajaj Pulsar Modified Cruiser
Bajaj Pulsar Modified Cruiser

Everything has a limit, it’s said, but the law doesn’t seem to apply to the creativity of the human mind. A perfect example is this radical customization project where a Pulsar NS160 has been transformed into an eccentric cruiser bike. That it is capable of some off-roading as well goes on to show the creator’s focus on achieving an optimal balance of form and function.

Most bike customization projects are built around the core frame. But in this case, even the stock chassis has been trashed. The project starts with taking apart the entire bike, starting with the fairing and moving on to dissemble the fuel tank, silencer, wheels, electricals and the engine.

Bajaj Pulsar Modified Cruiser

Next step involves the making of an entirely new chassis using various types of metal bars and sheets. These are given the desired shape with the use of standard nut-bolts as well as welding the joints wherever needed. It’s quite a painful and time consuming process, as the chassis had to undergo multiple iterations before it was finalized.

It’s the chassis design that provides the desired balance and handling capabilities for a bike. Even two-wheeler OEMs take several months to develop a new chassis from scratch. In this project, changes made to the chassis had to be tested each time. This meant assembling and disassembling the bike multiple times before it was rated road-worthy by its creator, Nitin Umbaranikar.

Once the chassis was finalized, the bike had to be disassembled once again to give a thorough coat of paint to the frame. Other key customizations in this project include a tweaked air filter and completely handmade steering system.

Sporty fairing

To ensure it has an eye-catchy skin to go with its quirky internals, the modified bike gets entirely new fairing. It has been created using plastic sheets. The fairing covers much of the front and side sections as well as the fuel tank. For refuelling, a sliding mechanism has been provided that reveals the fuel tank opening.

Instead of paint, the bike’s fairing has been wrapped in grey and white vinyl. This took a lot of time, as the bike has a complex fairing setup, placed at varying angles. Other ornamentations include dual LED headlamp, LED strip turn signals and LED lights on both wheels. Watching this bike on the streets at night is a real treat for the eyes.

Bajaj Pulsar Modified Cruiser
Bajaj Pulsar Modified Cruiser

Surprisingly, the cost of this project is just Rs 20k. It became possible, as many of the custom parts were made using scrap items. However, if one counts the amount of labour involved, this project’s cost will be much higher. It took the creator 120 days to complete this project, with endless hours almost every day.

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