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After 180 and 200, Bajaj Pulsar 220F gets a splash of new colour options

Bajaj Pulsar 220F new colour options 1 Cocktail-Wine-Red
Bajaj Pulsar 220F new colour options 1 Cocktail-Wine-Red

One of the best selling motorcycle nameplate in the country, Pulsar has been in existence for over a decade now. Started with 150 and 180, the Pulsar range today has 135, 150, 180, 200NS and 220F. Every now and then, Bajaj has been seen giving updates to their range of Pulsar motorcycles. Bajaj Auto introduced new colour schemes for Pulsar 200NS a few months back, then recently Pulsar 180 also received three dual – tone motifs. Now, third new participant Pulsar 220F is enrolled in the ‘its time I get a new dress’ programme.

Bajaj Pulsar 220F new colour options 1 Cocktail-Wine-RedSame as its younger sibling, the Pulsar 220F receives three two-tone liveries and joins the show at Bajaj Dealerships near you. Sapphire Blue, Pearl Metallic White and Cocktail Wine Red are the choices of skin as in the Pulsar 180 and also follows the same composition. The first time introduction of white coloured Pulsar 220F’s will definitely attract teenage and adolescent eyeballs to the stalls, not to mention commuters and weekend hikers who are sport at heart.

Pulsar 220F is one of the remarkable and few additions in the 200+cc segment back in 2009. Despite sharing stable with a more powerful half-brother – Pulsar 200NS, the 220F sells in good numbers and has its place in youngsters’ hearts intact. Its 220cc 4-stroke oil-cooled engine that produces 21 PS at 8500 rpm and 19.12 Nm at 7000 rpm is still a charm to rev on the streets and go on a hike. The majestic road presence and comfortable sport riding position gives rider enough confidence to zip and sway through dense traffic and lean in on cramped corners.

Pulsar fans may be reminded that Bajaj Auto will soon roll out revised versions of 150 and 180 Pulsar models, which will be face lifted taking inspiration from Bajaj’s flagship 200NS bike. Also, further feast will include Pulsar 200 NS FI, Pulsar 200 SS, and Pulsar 400 SS and 400 CS bikes, launching very soon.


Bajaj Pulsar 220F new colour options 3 Sapphire-Blue


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