Bajaj Pulsar RS200 ABS advantages demonstrated: Video

Even though Bajaj Pulsar RS200 ABS is of a single channel type which governs only the front wheel, it significantly enhances safety as shown in this video. A locked front wheel is a prime reason for most motorcycle accidents and by preventing it, one can come out of a sticky situation without much drama.

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 ABS advantages
Single channel ABS in Bajaj Pulsar RS200 proves to be a potential life saver.

RS200’s single-channel ABS is supplied by Bosch and is offered on the top-end variant with a price addition¬†of INR 12,000. The compact unit regulates the front brake pressure to keep the wheel from locking. As you can see, the non-ABS version loses control in a dangerous manner in both gravel and wet slippery surface leading to a fall or increased braking distance.

ABS equipped variant performs admirably well under both tricky conditions and enables the bike to come to a halt within the required distance. Most importantly, under such conditions, ABS lets the rider have complete control of the bike.

50% of customers prefer Bajaj Pulsar RS200 with ABS

With Indian government looking to make ABS mandatory for motorcycles with displacements over 125 cc in the foreseeable future, we could see more and more compact sportsbikes in India incorporating cost effective single channel units. We hope the ABS equipped Bajaj Pulsar RS200 kick starts a chain reaction.

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