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Bajaj Pulsar Sales, Exports Jan 2021 – 125, 150, 160, 180, 200, 220

2021 Bajaj Pulsar
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Bajaj has now launched a naked roadster iteration of Pulsar 180 which makes it the eighth product on the Pulsar line of motorcycles

Pulsar is arguably one of the most popular brands of motorcycles in India for the past two decades. The range of sporty commuter bikes from Bajaj Auto are efficient in daily commutes as well as providing the necessary thrill of performance to a certain extent of course. Hence, it proves to be the best of both worlds.

Even after twenty years in the Indian market, it continues to grow from strength to strength and has a plethora of options to opt from. The past month was no different as it continued to record positive growth in almost every segment. The entire range registered sales of 97,580 units in January 2021.

Domestic- Pulsar 125 Tops the chart

This was against last year January which recorded 68,354 units of Pulsar and the previous month of December 2020 which registered 75,421 units. This translated to YoY growth of 42.76 percent and MoM growth of 29.38 percent.

The sales chart was led by its entry-level offering Pulsar 125 which recorded 47,080 units last month. In comparison, it registered sales of 24,732 units in January 2020 and 42,686 units in December 2020. This made for a YoY and MoM growth of 90.36 percent and 10.29 percent respectively.

Bajaj Pulsar Domestic Sales Jan 2021
Bajaj Pulsar Domestic Sales Jan 2021

This was followed by Pulsar 150 which raked in 32,460 units for the homegrown bikemaker. Bajaj sold 31,216 units and 19,958 units of the 150cc bike in the first and last month of 2020 respectively. Therefore, it registered a YoY and MoM growth of 3.99 percent and 62.64 percent.

Higher Segments Record Decent Sales Too

The 160cc, 180cc and 200cc iteration of Pulsar bikes brought in 11,730 units in January this year. While the figures stood at 7,445 units in January last year and 8,279 units in December last year. YoY and MoM growth percentage figures registered were pegged at 57.56 percent and 41.68 percent respectively.

The brand’s flagship offering- Pulsar 220F sold 6,310 units in January this year. With sales of 4,961 units in January 2020 and 4,498 units in December 2020, growth figures stood at 27.19 percent and 40.28 percent respectively.

Bajaj Pulsar Exports Jan 2021
Bajaj Pulsar Exports Jan 2021


Bajaj dispatched 18,056 units of the 160cc, 180cc and 200cc Pulsar bikes to overseas markets. This translates to an MoM growth of 15.94 percent a YoY growth of 51.22 percent and 15.94 percent. The company shipped 12,674 units of the 150cc iteration of Pulsar to foreign countries. While it recorded a YoY growth of 137.96 percent and in MoM sales, it witnessed a degrowth of 9.75 percent.

3,458 units of the entry-level Pulsar 125 were shipped abroad which translated to positive YoY growth of 73.77 percent and negative YoY growth of 24.08 percent. The flagship Pulsar 220F dispatched 1,536 units to dealerships in foreign markets which translated to an impressive YoY growth of 326.67 percent whereas in MoM figures it registered degrowth of 42.54 percent.

A total of 35,724 Pulsar bikes were dispatched overseas in January 2021 which marked an overall YoY growth of 82.12 percent and an MoM degrowth of 3.04 percent. The company is looking to expand its Pulsar brand of motorcycles by launching new models in 180cc, 250cc and 400cc categories.

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