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Bajaj Racer, Hammer, Aura Registered – New Electric Scooter, Motorcycle?

Most OEMs work proactively to register various trademarks, even though only a few may actually get launched

New Bajaj Racer Electric Scooter Launch
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Product names play an important role in shaping consumer perceptions, which is why a lot of time is spent to find the best names possible. Pulsar is a relevant example that single-handedly changed the fortunes of the company. OEMs usually have a 5 to 10 year plan about new products to be launched. That’s where it becomes important to trademark the names in advance.

OEMs like Bajaj Auto have been quite active in terms of registering new names. Recently, Bajaj Auto has registered three new names – Bajaj Aura, Bajaj Racer and Bajaj Hammer. All of these trademarks are registered under Class 12, which means they can be scooters, motorcycles, electric vehicles, etc.

Bajaj registers three new names - Racer, Hammer and Aura
Bajaj registers three new names – Racer, Hammer and Aura

Bajaj Aura, Racer, Hammer – What could they be?

Application status of all three new trademarks is ‘Formalities Chk Pass’. Bajaj Aura seems a good fit for a scooter, although Hyundai already has the Aura sedan. But a trademark clash is unlikely as Bajaj Aura won’t be the name of a 4-wheeled passenger vehicle. It is to note that Benling already has an electric scooter registered as Aura. However, it is marketed as Aura-Li. Even Hero Electric had applied for Aura trademark in 2022, but it was objected.

As Bajaj does not have plans to return to ICE scooter segment, possibilities for Bajaj Aura are limited to being an electric scooter. It could be used for Bajaj’s upcoming premium electric scooter that is being developed in collaboration with KTM and Husqvarna.

Bajaj Racer could be an all new electric motorcycle
Bajaj Racer could be an all new electric motorcycle

Talking about Bajaj Racer, the name can work for a performance machine. However, Bajaj already has the Pulsar and Dominar range. So, launching a new sub-brand of performance bikes seems unlikely. But if Bajaj is planning to launch electric motorcycles in future, the Racer name can be considered. However, the ‘Racer’ name is pretty generic. It doesn’t seem appropriate for Bajaj’s first electric motorcycle.

Third trademark is Bajaj Hammer, which seems relevant for an ICE motorcycle. A bike with Hammer name was produced by American motorcycle manufacturer Victory Motorcycles. However, the company is no longer operational. Bajaj shouldn’t have any issues with using the Hammer name in Indian market. The term ‘Hammer’ exudes a sense of robustness. It can be applied to a commuter bike as well as a premium roadster or adventure bike.

No clarity on launch timelines

Registration of trademark names does not necessarily mean a potential launch. It may or may not happen. It can take years for these trademarks to reach the market or things can work out much faster.

Also, unless the trademarks are ‘Registered’, it is always possible that the application could be objected to, withdrawn or sent for more detailed assessment. Last year, Bajaj had registered trademark names like Darkstar, Technik and Tecnica. These are yet to be utilized commercially.

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