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Bajaj sales, exports Jan 2020 – Pulsar, Dominar, CT 100, Platina, Avenger

Bajaj Auto Limited reported a sales decline in domestic markets while exports increased in January 2020

Bajaj Auto’s three top motorcycles in terms of domestic sales were the CT100, Platina and Pulsar 150. However, though each of these reported sales decline in January 2020, they offered a combined total of 1,11,767 units to total domestic sales of 1,52,731 units. The Bajaj Platina 125 also added significant numbers with 24,732 units sold in the past month.

The Pulsar 180, 200 and 220 also brought in some sales in the past month, though significantly lower than sales in January 2019. It was the Bajaj Avenger 180 that was the only motorcycle on the company portfolio that received some positive attention.

NoBajaj SalesJan 2020Jan 2019Diff%
1CT 10042,49746,547-4,050-8.70
3Pulsar 15031,21667,682-36,466-53.88
4Pulsar 12524,732024,732
5Pulsar 180, 2007,44510,511-3,066-29.17
6Pulsar 2204,9616,906-1,945-28.16
7Avenger 1802,9122,54037214.65
8Avenger 2204961,654-1,158-70.01
9Discover 1002674,165-3,898-93.59
12Discover 12501,730-1,730-100.00

Sales of the Avenger 180 stood at 2,912 units in January 2020 up 14.65 percent as against 2,540 units sold in the same month of the previous year. The same could not be said about the Avenger 220 which reported a 70.01 de-growth from 1,654 units sold in January 2019 to just 496 units sold in the past month.

Bajaj Dominar sales also saw a significant increase from 64 units sold in January 2019 to 130 units sold in the past month. Total domestic sales stood at 1,52,731 units in the past month, down 23.80 percent as against 2,00,423 units sold in January 2019.

Contrary to de-growth reported in domestic markets, exports of Bajaj Auto Limited increased 18.56 percent to 1,68,169 units in the past month as compared to 1,41,842 units exported in January 2019. It was the Boxer 100 that stood at the top of the export list with 1,00,584 units sold, a massive 40.02 percent higher as compared to 71,836 units exported in the same month of the previous year. It is Africa which is the primary market for the Boxer 100.

NoBajaj ExportsJan-20Jan-19Diff%
1Boxer 1001,00,58471,83628,74840.02
2Boxer 15015,5408,5726,96881.29
3Pulsar 160, 180, 20011,9409,0822,85831.47
4CT 12511,4728,4962,97635.03
5CT 1009,16420,986-11,822-56.33
6Pulsar 1505,3283,5921,73648.33
7Discover 1253,66410,032-6,368-63.48
8Platina 1003,0993,768-669-17.75
9Pulsar 1251,9909361,054112.61
10Boxer 1251,9808161,164142.65
12Discover 1001,0802,268-1,188-52.38
13Platina 125396600-204-34.00
14Pulsar 2203600360
15Avenger 220164150149.33

The Boxer 150 also contributed to efficient exports with 15,540 units exported in the past month along with 11,940 units of the Pulsar 160,180 and 200. The Bajaj two wheelers that posted negative exports were the CT100, Discover 100 and 125 and Platina 100 and 125. Exports of the Bajaj Pulsar 125 and Boxer 125 showed significant increase, up 112.61 percent and 142.65 percent respectively to 1,990 units and 1,980 units and it was also the Dominar that saw increased buyers in global markets with 1,080 units exported in the past month.

Bajaj Auto now moves towards updating their entire lineup to comply with new BS6 emission standards. The company’s CT and Platina range have been updated which now come in with a unique Electronic Injection System. The 2020 Bajaj Dominar BS6 is ready for launch at Rs 1,91,751, a premium of Rs 1,749 over the price of the outgoing BS4 model. The Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter was also launched last month and the company has already dispatched around 21 units in the first month of launch.

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