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Bajaj Sales, Exports Break Up Sep 2020 – Pulsar, Dominar, Avenger, Platina, CT

New Bajaj Pulsar 125 Split Seat
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While Boxer and Discover range of motorcycles have been discontinued in India, there is still very high demand for these bikes in overseas markets

Markets witnessed a sharp decline in demand especially in the first quarter of the 2020-21 fiscal, thanks to an economic slowdown further aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with businesses resuming in the middle of the second quarter has given hope to traders and business houses for a fruitful end to this year.

Automotive sector is a fine example where recoveries have been visible for the past couple of years. Over the past couple of months, sales volume of various segments have shown appreciable growth which suggests demand is on the rise again. The sales figures for Bajaj Auto indicate the same.

Bajaj Auto September 2020 sales

With a cumulative sales of 2,11,359 units in September 2020, Bajaj had an impressive last month as far as domestic figures are concerned. It witnessed a 23.21 percent YoY growth whereas a 23.90 percent MoM growth as per the recent data. This year in August, the domestic sales figure stood at 1,70,582 units whereas in September 2019 sales volume Bajaj retailed 1,71,543 units.

Bajaj Domestic Sales Sep 2020
Bajaj Domestic Sales Sep 2020 vs Sep 2019 vs Aug 2020 – As per Motorcycle Brand

Domestic Sales: Pulsar, Platina Dominate

Pulsar’s range of bikes remained Bajaj’s highest selling moniker in the domestic market last month with 1,02,698 units sold last month. It recorded an impressive YoY growth of 50.88 in comparison to September last year whereas a decent MoM growth of 17.17 percent.

Platina range of motorcycles recorded impressive figures of 55,496 units in September this year. An MoM growth of 37.73 percent and a YoY growth of 26.19 percent makes it the second most popular Bajaj bike.

Bajaj Domestic Sales Sep 2020
Bajaj Domestic Sales Sep 2020 vs Sep 2019 vs Aug 2020 – As per Engine Size / Segment

If we were to discuss the sales of two-wheelers in terms of categories, then the entry-level segment performed decently enough thanks to impressive numbers by Platina. Other than that entry-level Pulsar 125 was the main contributor to the Pulsar range of motorcycles with 51,540 units sold.

Pulsar 150 also enjoyed decent enough consumers with 38,366 units sold last month. Avenger Street 160 also made a healthy volume at the market with Bajaj retailing 4,903 units of the cruiser. The motorcycle recorded a YoY growth of 32 percent and an MoM growth of 5.58 percent.

NoBajaj DomesticSep-20Sep-19
NoBajaj ExportSep-20Sep-19

Going upwards towards more premium segments, number of units sold is lesser however growth in MoM sales suggests that demand is pointing northwards and we can expect more sales in the near future.

Exports: Boxer, Discover Still Prove Worthy

Coming to exports, Bajaj has fared better overseas than in domestic markets. The most popular of these products shipped outside was Boxer. The entry-level motorcycle raked in huge numbers for Bajaj as over 1 lakh units of it were shipped overseas.

Bajaj Exports Sep 2020
Bajaj Exports Sep 2020 vs Sep 2019 vs Aug 2020 – As per Motorcycle Brand

This led to YoY growth of 9.83 percent and an MoM growth of 17.17 percent. However, the Pulsar series showed the most promise as it recorded a growth of 73.41 percent YoY and 54.31 percent MoM. Bajaj shipped 44,175 units of Pulsar bikes to overseas countries.

Bajaj Exports Sep 2020
Bajaj Exports Sep 2020 vs Sep 2019 vs Aug 2020 – As per Engine Size / Segment

Other notable contributors to exports were Discover range, CT range and Platina range of motorcycles. The CT 100 and Discover 100 in particular were key exports with 10,788 units and 4,320 units sold respectively. Even Discover 115 recorded an impressive figure of 11,216 exports. In the higher segments, Dominar siblings 250 and 400 reported exports of 1260 units and 1413 units respectively.

As witnessed from the given table, Bajaj Boxer in the 75-100cc segment accounted for maximum exports with 83,048 units exported in September 2020. Like the domestic market, Pulsar 150 turned out to be very popular overseas as well with 18,120 units shipped. Also ReadTop 10 motorcycles in Sep 2020.

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