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Bajaj motorcycle sales in India grow by 22% – New Pulsar, Avenger, Dominar demand growing

Bajaj Auto sold a total of 400,343 units in July 2018, up 30% from 307,727 units sold in the same month of the previous year. Two wheeler sales increased 25% from 2,65,182 units in July 2017 to 3,32,680 units in the past month, marking the highest ever monthly sales.

Two wheeler domestic sales were up 22% from 1,64,915 units sold in July 2017 to 2,01,433 units in July 2018 while exports surged 31% from 1,00,267 units in July 2017 to 1,31,247 units in the past month. Demand for the new range of Pulsar, Avenger and Dominar motorcycles is growing not only in India, but also in export markets.

Bajaj Auto Limited has announced sales report for the month of July 2018. The company has noted increased sales both where two wheelers and commercial vehicles are concerned and both in domestic sales and in exports.

In terms of commercial vehicle sales which were up 56% with highest ever monthly sales in July 2018, domestic sales stood at 36,078 units in the past month as compared to 21,582 units sold in July 2017. Exports were up 51% from 20,963 units exported in July 2017 to 31,585 units exported last month taking total commercial vehicles up from 42,545 units in July 2017 to 67,663 units in July 2018.

Where MC and CV sales were concerned, domestic sales surged 27% from 1,86,497 units in June 2017 to 2,37,511 units in the past month. Exports were up 34% from 1,21,230 units in July 2017 to 1,62,832 units last month thus taking total sales to 4,00,343 units in July 2018 from 3,07,727 units sold in July 2017.

This positive growth can also be seen in during the April to July quarter. In the two wheeler segment, total sales which included domestic and exports increased 31% from 10,40,896 units sold in the 2017 quarter to 13,62,644 units sold in the 2018 quarter.

Commercial vehicle domestic and exports increased 70% from 1,55,265 units in July 2017 to 2,64,340 units in July 2018 taking total MC and CV sales up 36% from 11,96,161 units in July 2017 to 16,26,984 units sold in the past month.

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