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Bajaj Technik, Tecnica Trademarked – New Chetak Based Electric Scooters?

Bajaj has recently inaugurated a new Chetak manufacturing facility for future EV developments and production

New Bajaj Technik, Tecnica Electric Scooters Launch
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Bajaj is currently the fourth-largest two-wheeler manufacturing company in India, in terms of sales figures. But when it comes to exports, Bajaj tops the charts as it is the largest two-wheeler exporter in India. When it comes to three-wheelers though, Bajaj is the largest manufacturer in the world.

Even though Bajaj’s domestic sales are declining, the exports, however, are a whole different story. As seen in our Bajaj sales charts, Bajaj domestic sales stood at 1,25,083 units in June 2022 while it used to be 1,55,640 units in June 2021 registering a dip in sales of 19.63% YoY. While exports stood at 1,90,865 units in June 2022 over 1,54,938 units in June 2021 with 23.19% growth YoY.

We mention this because Bajaj has recently registered three different nameplates in India. These new nameplates can be planned for India where sales are seeing negative growth, or for exports to boost their product sales globally in over 80 markets. Bajaj has also registered a lot of names before that it never used. We have Twinner, Pulsar Eleganz, Pulsar Elan and Blade.

Bajaj Technik, Tecnica – New Names Trademarked

Bajaj’s three new trademarks are Dynamo, Tecnica and Technik. We have covered more about Dynamo in a previous post explaining how it can be the name of a new electric scooter, ICE scooter, ICE motorcycle, electric motorcycle, or even a three-wheeled vehicle. We also covered the possibilities of it being the name of a powertrain too, that Bajaj might use with different genres of vehicles under its portfolio.

New Bajaj Technik, Tecnica Electric Scooters Launch
New Bajaj Technik, Tecnica – Names of upcoming Electric Scooters based on Chetak?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Tecnica or Technik? Something tech-savvy? Something feature loaded? Or with a futuristic appeal? You’re absolutely bang on. If you look at Bajaj Auto, they have a lot on their plate right now. Being a mainstream manufacturer, Bajaj has to concentrate on both EVs and ICE vehicles alike. That’s the reason why Bajaj created the Chetak brand and dedicated a new facility for it in Akurdi.

Bajaj also has plans on electrifying their ever-popular Pulsar brand. They also have plans on creating KTM and Husqvarna branded EVs. The names Dynamo, Tecnica and Technik can be correlated with something related to EVs. Right now, Bajaj has Chetak EV which doesn’t get any gizmos like Ather, Ola and Simple Energy offer.

What can we expect?

The name Tecnica and Technik can be a variant of Chetak offering a touchscreen dashboard with a digital key, cruise control, smartphone integration, navigation and more. Coming to the name Dynamo, it has to be related to an EV powertrain or at least a component. We have seen companies use creative names like Tesla, Faraday Future, Ampere, Emflux, Lectro, Pure EV, Revolt and more. Whenever you hear these names, an EV pops in your mind, doesn’t it?

Dynamo means a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. We think Dynamo might be the name of a strong hybrid powertrain from Bajaj. Where an integrated motor is converting mechanical energy from an engine to charge a battery. It is not a crazy idea as passenger cars like Honda All New City, Toyota HyRyder and Maruti Grand Vitara all have strong hybrid powertrains.

Indians are embracing EVs and hybrids now as the market is maturing and hybrid tech in two-wheelers makes sense too. Imagine a bike with 10-15 km of range on one charge for daily commutes and then the engine takes over for the highways and cruises. Not a crazy idea and Bajaj might be trying to stay ahead of the curve by offering this new tech first in India.

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