Bajaj V15 custom bike by EIMOR is closer to INS Vikrant than stock bike

If the Bajaj V15 motorcycle which will be manufactured only until the metal from INS Vikrant runs out is not exclusive enough for you, then you may look at customizing it further. This one-off custom bike from EIMOR proves that the V15 can adopt customization with style.

The Bajaj V15 custom bike by Hyderabad based EIMOR is closer to the INS Vikrant than the stock bike.

Bajaj V15 Custom motorcycle by EIMOR
The ships original number “R-11” and years of operation are highlighted in the form of decals.

Of course, the part of fuel tank which is made from metal salvaged from the legendary battleship continues to be the main essence of both stock and custom motorcycles but the latter has more connections to the naval carrier.

The custom bike builder stripped off the V15’s dual-tone factory paint scheme completely and replaced it with a bespoke Battleship Gray theme which matches that of the aircraft carrier it is inspired by. EIMOR even recreated rust spots and surface texture to match that of the INS Vikrant.

The V badge has been retained. The fuel tank gets airbrush painting of the ariel view of the ship with “INS Vikrant” stickering. The tailpiece sports the lettering “The Invincible”.

Bajaj V15 Custom motorcycle by EIMOR
An aerial view of the ship is painted on the top portion of the fuel tank.

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The cycle parts and chassis members are finished in black to mimic the ship’s underbelly. There are no mechanical changes to the premium 150 cc commuter.


Via – EIMOR Customs on Facebook