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Bang & Olufsen Edition BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

M6 Gran Coupe BANG & OLUFSEN

BMW Individual 6 Series Gran Coupe and select M6 Gran Coupe Bang & Olufsen editions have been introduced for those keen on an ultimate in-car audio system. Sales will be restricted to the US market and are a part of ‘BMW Individual Collection’.

M6 Gran Coupe BANG & OLUFSENAs the name suggests, Bang & Olufsen Edition features its own bespoke Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system. New Bang & Olufsen edition further strengthens the collaboration between both brands, which began in 2011 and and trascends into 7 BMW models. BMW Individual 6 Series Gran Coupe Bang & Olufsen Edition’s high-end Surround Sound system offers sound quality in sync with BMW’s vision. It wears bespoke aluminum speaker grilles in exclusive brushed black finish. A special LED illumination ups its uniqueness alonside a a signature motorized tweeter rising out of the dashboard.

Audio tuning matches cabin acoustics. 16 active loudspeakers comprising of 7 tweeters, 7 midrange and 2 separate subwoofers, are powered by 1,200 watts of power. Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) delivers 180° horizontal sound dispersion. Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC) features as standard so its on-board microphone, adjusts sound to compensate noise.

BMW Individual 6 Series Gran BANG & OLUFSENThe surround sound system offers an optimum sound experience irrespective of seating position or driving condition. BMW Individual 6 Series Gran Coupe Bang & Olufsen Edition also brings with it a black BeoPlay H6 over-ear headphone finished in brushed aluminum to match the car’s loudspeaker grilles.



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