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Video – Bangalore Cop throws chappal at bikers – Suspended

[Update – The incident reported involved a constable attached to Jalahalli traffic police station. At the time,the constable was at a duty post with a Jalahalli traffic police sub-inspector. As soon as the BEL Road shoe throwing incident gained traction online, and came to the notice of the police, an enquiry was conducted, and the constable has been suspended said DCP Traffic (West) Shivakumar.]

28/04/2018One may say that at times traffic cops in India are pretty helpless. There are just a lot of cars, bikes, trucks, buses, etc to handle for them on our roads, especially in cities. Though many of us follow traffic rules and regulations, there are some who do not. And this makes life of a traffic cop even worse.

We have seen many incidents where cops who are on duty, are trying to stop citizens as they are caught breaking rules. Some times citizens stop, sometimes they run away. Cops have evolved. They now hold a laathi, and those who try to run away, whack a laathi towards them. But when there is no laathi, a chappal will also do. As seen in the video below.

Other Incidents

Ready. Aim. Throw.

This is not a lone incident, recently, a biker, who was not wearing helmet, decided not to stop. Instead, he decided to speed-up seeing the cops. This in spite of the fact that the cop was in the middle of the road in an attempt to stop the biker. But since the biker had decided not to stop, the cop lost his mind and swung the laathi at the biker.

On cam: Cop lathicharges biker for not wearing helmet

On cam: Cop lathicharges biker for not wearing helmet

Posted by The Times of India on Friday, 24 November 2017

The laathi hit the pillion (Rakesh) hard and he started bleeding from his head. Soon the biker stopped and started shouting at the cops. Soon, more people joined, and chaos ensued. They even hit the cop who had swung the laathi. Soon, more cops arrive at the scene and try to pacify the angered mob.

This is not the first time that a on-duty traffic cop has been thrashed by citizen not following traffic rules. Some time back, a video showing a traffic cop and a biker going at each other in a fist fight had gone viral on social media. As per Times of India, the incident took place in Nagpur Maharashtra when the biker was at a cross-road waiting for the signal to turn green.

The on-duty traffic cop came in front of the bike and asked why was he not wearing helmet. The biker said that he does not wear as no one wears helmet in the city. The cop then asks the biker to park the bike and show license and bike papers. In all this, the signal turns green, and the biker requests the cop to let him go as he is in a hurry.

At this point, the cop tried to remove the key from the bike. The bike stopped him from doing so. This is when the cop reportedly slapped the biker. This made the biker angry and in retaliation, the biker put his bike in 1st gear, and tried to run over the cop, who was standing in front of the bike. This injured the cop’s leg. What followed, was captured on camera. Watch the video below.

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Posted by Sakaal on Wednesday, 2 August 2017

After some time, more cops arrived at the scene, and took the biker to a nearby police station, where charges of assaulting on-duty traffic cop were registered against him.

In another incident, Himanshu Mittal from Patiala, Punjab, a local businessman who lives in the posh Model Town was caught doing something similar. Driving his BMW car on the wrong side of the road, he was stopped by Om Prakash, a traffic cop on duty at that time. Prakash asked Mittal for car papers as well as his driving license.

Reportedly, Mittal did not have either with him. One thing led to another, and something irked the rich businessman in BMW. The matter escalated and he got out of his car. Next he started hurling abuses at the cop. In no time, the abuses turned into punches. Yes. Mittal is seen hitting Prakash on video.

Not to take punches, the traffic cop too landed a few when he got a chance. It was all happening in the broad daylight and public watching. The matter was now intervened by sub inspector Nirmal Singh. Himanshu and Prakash had to be pulled away from each other.

By now, the businessman had realized what had happened. He tried to get away from the incident spot. He gets in his BMW, but the cops act in time and stop him. They take him to Civil Lines police station where a case has been registered against him. The charges against him are assaulting cop on duty and stopping a public servant from performing his duty. See the video below which was recorded by a eye witness.

This is not the first time cops have been assaulted, while all they were doing was their duty. Some months back, a Shiv Sena leader attacked a lady cop in Mumbai, when she asked him to show car papers. Today it was a businessman in Punjab.

You might be rich and powerful, but you still need to obey traffic rules when out on the road.

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