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Bangalore cops catch bikers performing stunts on public roads – Parents arrested (Video)

Those performing stunts, usually record their nuisance and share the same on social media. Thanks to this stupidity of such traffic offenders, cops have managed to catch them. Bangalore cops have arrested five teens who were seen in a recent viral video performing various stunts on public roads.

Upon arresting, cops realized that all of them were under the age of 18 and did not have a valid driving license. Legally, they cannot put them behind bars. So, the cops called up their parents and arrested them.

In order to punish these kids, cops have made a video and shared it on social media. The offenders are shown in the video, but because they are juvenile, their faces are blurred. Faces of parents are not blurred. As according to the cops they are the bigger culprits who gave the vehicle to their kids.

Later, the parents and teens were produced before a juvenile board which agreed to give the parents as well as the kids bail. The teens are to undergo a counselling program while parents are to make sure that their kids do not ride or drive vehicles without license. Watch the video below.

In the past few months, we have reported about many cases where under-age riders and drivers have died due to over-speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and so on. It is the duty of the parent to make sure that their kid does not drive or ride a vehicle unless he or she has a valid license.