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Bangalore Police to fine aftermarket shops who modify bikes

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After coming down heavily on riders and owners of modified bikes, berating and fining the riders and confiscating such vehicles, the cops have now turned their attention to the aftermarket shops, mechanics and garages where the actual modifications are undertaken.

This action is being taken following a Supreme Court order declaring modifications and customization of vehicles as illegal. Following this order, the cops have busted various modified vehicles across the country.

However, with the issue still rampant and many complaints received, the cops have now turned their attention to the source of such modified vehicles. They are targeting local garages where the mechanics are skilled in such modifications.

The cops aim to get the names of the owners and registration numbers of the modified bikes from these local garages which will help them in getting hold of the offenders more easily. The cops have not indicated whether these mechanics will be penalized for undertaking such modification or if they will just be let off with a stern warning.

Earlier this year the Kerala police had cracked down on a college auto show where these modified bikes were on display. A total of 10 modified bikes were confiscated and their owners booked even though these bikes were on display and were not being used on the road at the time of them being booked.

The cops also intensified their search of illegally altered vehicles by tracing youths on social media. It was often noted that photographs of these modified vehicles were posted on social media detailing their retrofits and wider tyres. The spots for drag racing and stunting are also being targeted while these drag racers will be nabbed and the cops will ferret out information of other drag racers that they know.

Though there has been a significant reduction in the number of cases and complaints, over the past year, the cops are determined to put a stop to such dangerous activities. These stunts on modified bikes not only put the rider at risk but also pose a hazard to other road users. These stunts should be conducted in secluded spots, away from the public glare and under restricted conditions and will full riding gear.

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