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BattRE electric scooter with Internet – Launch price Rs 80k

BattRE electric scooter internet

Tech driven electric mobility startup, BattRE Electric Mobility Pvt. Ltd, today announced the launch of BattRE IOT – electric scooter with internet connected features.

The company describes it as an ‘Internet Connected Electric scooter’. The electric scooter will be available for sale on Amazon India marketplace. The idea behind making the e-scooter available for sale online is to help reach out to a wide gamut of buyers.

There is a growing expectation that with the Indian’s access to cheap data, the internet plays an important in today’s day and time. Furthermore, over time, shopping online has become an activity that continues to find new takers. With the hope of going online to pay for services and bills, companies are now hoping that the digital savvy millennial begins to make bigger buying decisions online.

BattRE electric scooter internet

Based on that premise, BattRE IOT electric scooter is expected to tap this buyer base on Amazon. For those wondering, how this works, once processes are competed, the BattRE IOT e-scooter will be delivered at home. It’s not altogether surprising the company would be ready for such a commitment. Being a new player, the company doesn’t have a wide network to reach out to a bigger market. The online space which isn’t bound by geography will in fact help BattRe reach out to a wider potential customer base.

BattRE IOT smart scooter connects with the owner’s smartphone to store all necessary vehicle-related data on a cloud. Smart features pave the way for greater convenience. This is essential as a large section of ordinary folks haven’t a clue as to what electric vehicles offer, and what their capability can be. This uncertainty coupled with the expectation of a pricey product has not made it possible for electric vehicle manufacturers make a killing as far as sales a concerned. This despite offering features, which are modern and convenient.

BattRe IOT e-scooter features navigation assist, ride statistics, voice enabled app, anti-theft alarm and lock, SOS alerts, call alerts, ride pattern based AI suggestions, and online service requests, and records.

Continuous development in the Indian e-mobility industry has resulted in improvement in tech, motor and battery components. To encourage EV development, the Indian government has devised the FAME 2 policy. BattRE IOT e-scooter is available at an introductory price of Rs 79,999. This will include 1-year subscription to IOT features. For now, it’s not known what the yearly subscription cost is.

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