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BattRe Electric Scooter Production Increased – Thanks To Larger Factory

BattRE electric scooter new plant
BattRE electric scooter new plant

BattRe increases production to 4,000 units per month with move to bigger factory

With an increase in the number of individuals with an increasing disposable income, customers continue to grow. Battre would want to be a part of this growth, and cater to a growing customer base across the country. The company plans to work towards increasing its customer base. This will be addressed through top notch service by adding more retail outlets in Tier-1, Tier-2 and large metros.

Though fairly new in the market, the company emphasises on continued focus on sustainability to take steps towards becoming one of India’s most sustainable companies. Within the next few months, the company will stay focused on expanding its chargers network in the country.

As is evident, Battre is already investing more in production and R&D capabilities. Growth plans are supported through new products, strengthening retail and partner network, and by working further to build an EV ecosystem in India.

Growing demand of e-scooters

In the process of strengthening business, Battre’s focus areas include expanding customer reach, while at the same time investing in R&D and production capabilities. Timely increase in production will help meet growing demand. A number of electric two-wheeler manufacturers have reported increase in sales in recent months.

Battre Electric Scooter
BattRE Electric Scooter

Nishchal Chaudhary, founder of BattRE, said on the occasion, “This factory expansion will cater to the growing demand of e-scooters which we forecast to increase multi-fold in the next couple of quarters. Moreover, with an ARR of Rs.120 crores, we plan to invest more in our production and R&D capabilities, add world-class products, strengthen our retail & partner network, and work further to build an EV ecosystem in India.”

Revenue increase

As with processes, the main challenge for start-ups like BattRE is low capital availability. With its ARR looking good, BattRE looks to invest meaningfully towards business expansion.The Jaipur based auto manufacturer is watching growth in electric vehicle demand with eagle eyes. The move to a bigger factory helps meet this demand. With manufacturing capacity increasing to 4000 units per month, the company is looking as 300 percent increase overall.

Last year, revenue increased by 255 percent. For 2021, YTD, revenue growth is pegged at 900 percent+. In order to sustain demand and growth, Battre is ready to launch two new products in the next 3-4 months.

In helping build the EV ecosystem in India, Battre has already seen to 500 recharge stations being installed. They’re also training existing petrol 2-wheeler repair shops to service electric vehicles.

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