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BattRE Electric Vehicle Charging Solution – Can Be Installed By Anyone, Anywhere

Battre Electric Scooter
BattRE Electric Scooter

Set up a BattRE charging station at your home, office, or shop

With the Indian EV market seeing more and more product launches in recent years, now more than ever before, there needs to be an expedient discussion on having a robust EV infrastructure network. Manufacturers are already working on creating such grids, and focus is on ensuring that all vehicles can be charged at such places.

As more and more people turn to EVs, the need for these infrastructure networks to be superbly smart will become the need of the hour. For instance, users will need to turn to an app to figure out where they can find a free TV station to charge their vehicles on the go. Because the process takes a certain amount of time, charging the vehicle partially and quickly will become a focus area.

EV charging station infra

Brand BattRE retails a range of electric scooters in the market. Its latest development revolves around growing it’s charging station network. Touted to be a low-cost charging solution for EVs, it’s charging solution is now being monetised.

BattRE EV charging solution
BattRE EV charging solution

As such, for those with the luxury of a secure and safe areas in their house that can be publicly accessed, setting up a charging station will be a new income source. This can be done outside of home, office, shop, plot of land, etc. Income generated will be directly transferred to listed bank account through UPI.

The open charging network is for all EV users. The simple and streamlined process involves downloading BattRE app from playstore. Users would be able to locate the nearest charging station, and scan a QR code on the charger to begin charging. Payment process is based on using an UPI. While the process doesn’t outline concerns regarding waiting time and charger availability, that process is most likely built in.

Charging network monetisation

Monestising the charging network will help generate enough interest cause it will allow people to provide leads on space available rather than the company scouting for available spaces, which is time consuming to say the least. And rather than the company having to explain the benefits of the system, making it an outright money making venture will already place it in good stead with potential customers.

For the EV charging infra network to be a widespread and effective platform, there needs to be efficient government involvement and/or necessary private and public partnerships that will help make available such space.

In the meantime, individual companies are doing what’s necessary to build a strong base for sustainable growth. Processes involved ensure a larger group of stakeholders and this bodes well in creating much needed chatter around the EV industry, which at present is a small one that’s registering growth. In general, a number of charging stations are free for use currently but these offers will not last a lifetime.

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