BBC confirms to telecast remaining episodes of Top Gear Season 22

The fracas involving Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear assistant producer Oisin Tymon pushed BBC to take the remaining episodes Top Gear Season 22 off air. It was believed that BBC will never air these last episodes of the famous trio – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as Top Gear hosts. But, there has been a development.

BBC Top Gear Season 22

BBC officials have confirmed that the three remaining episodes of Top Gear Season 22 will be aired. Though they have not given any dates, they are widely expected to be aired this summer. Following Clarkson’s suspension, the other two hosts of TG, James May and Richard Hammond turned down BBC requests to film the scenes due to which the three episodes will not contain any studio scenes.

BBC has also confirmed that Top Gear UK will be back with a new season, minus Jeremy Clarkson with BBC on the lookout for a Clarkson replacement. Speaking about replacement, BBC could hire a woman to join the show.

Top Gear live shows
The trio will be part of BBC Top Gear Live shows this summer

On the other hand, Clarkson has confirmed that he will return to television, with another car show. He admitted that the events that led to his downfall as host of the popular motoring show was due to certain personal constraints. Though confirming a new show, Clarkson is not sure whether it will be along with his former co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond.