Cadillac One Beast runs on Goodyear Regional RHSII tyres

President Barack Obama’s official security car, Beast has already set foot in India, and stands parked at IGI airport itself while awaiting POTUS’ arrival. His built to purpose Cadillac DTS based car borrows varied elements from General Motor’s stable instead of boasting singular lineage. Cadillac One as expected is is equipped with superior tech, and safety/security features, including Goodyear Regional RHSII tyres.

Barack Obama Beast Cadillac One
U.S. President Barack Obama  in his Beast limo

Goodyear Regional RHSII tyres being puncture-resistant ensure Beast’s high speed escape whatever the situation. POTUS’ official limousine travels to various destinations on Goodyear tyres. The tyre manufacturer holds the distinction of being exclusive tyre for the presidential limo spanning decades. Goodyear tyres are also the standard choice for US Secret Service.

The heavily customized Cadillac DTS presidential limousine runs on standard tyres as with military combat vehicles. However, the rims contain a run-flat device (made by Hutchinson Industries) so the Beast can be easily driven even with zero air pressure in all four tires.

P.K Walia-VP (Consumer Business), Goodyear India says the US President makes countless appearances and appointments on his
global journeys, and Goodyear is a key contributor, though not the most noticeable. Goodyear tyres fitted to Cadillac One are truck tires in a 285/70R19.5 size to support the limousine’s extra load owing to a heavy-duty chassis, extended length and armoured material.