Meet BELAZ-7530 Series – India’s biggest truck in operation

BELAZ-7530 Series are massive 180-220 ton dumper trucks from Thriveni Earthmovers, the country’s leading Mine Development cum Operators. These trucks measure 13.39 mtrs in length, 7.82 mtrs in width and stand 6.65 mtrs high.

Introduced at the company’s Polavaram Operations in Andhra Pradesh, these Belarus made trucks are ideally suited for the transport of rocks at open pit mining sites. They are also equally adept for construction of large industrial structures and hydraulic facilities as well as for construction of highway systems and technological departments.


5 units of the BELAZ-7530 Series were brought to the site in parts where they were assembled. As per type and quantity of material to be transported, the bucketing capacity of these trucks ranges from 30-45 m³ and compete with the Komatsu 240 ton dumpers from Larsen & Toubro used in mining operations of Hindustan Zinc Limited in Rajasthan.

BELAZ-7530 Series is powered by a 60 liter V16 turbodiesel engine offering 2,300 hp peak power at 1,900 rpm and 9,053 Nm torque at 1,500 rpm. Top speeds stand at 60 kmph when unladen while the trucks have a turning radius of 15 meters. The trucks also use a transmission equipped with AC/DC drive with traction alternator, two traction motors, motorized wheels and microprocessor based control system.

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