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Bengal H.O.G. Chapter India embarks on Iron Butt Challenge: Ayush Chauturvedi rides 1600 kms in 24 hours


Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) is more than an association of motorcycle riders. They are a total of one million biking aficionados from around the globe uniting with one and only one passion at heart and that his biking. Earlier this year UK bike makers Harley Davidson brought this exclusive and very private HOG Club to India where it was received with fitting aplomb. HOG consists of 1.4 million members and its arrival in India means an extended family of Harley enthusiasts.

Now, Navin Sehgal, Sandeep Ghuman, Suraj Juneja, Mohan Kumar Roy, Ayush Chaturvedi and William Barno from the Bengal H.O.G Chapter India have set out on an extreme Iron Butt Challenge. Covering a distance of 1610 kms from Kolkata to Allahabad and back in a 24 hour period, these 6 riders astride Harley Davidson bikes definitely had a tough job cur out in front of them

This is not the first time that HOG enthusiasts attempted such a feat. Earlier in September Southern HOG riders organized a ride from Bangalore to Hampi covering a distance of 364kms. 200 Harley Davidson owners from across India participated in this event. HOG is not just about adventure and lifestyle it is more about a cult that every Harley owner is proud to be a part of. Ayush Chauturvedi from the Kolkata H.O.G Chapter successfully completed Iron Butt Kolkata to Allahabad ride.


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