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Bengaluru Man Chose Childhood Bus Number For His New Tesla

Bus from Karnataka, Tesla from America - Has one thing in common
Bus from Karnataka, Tesla from America – Has one thing in common

KA -1 F – 232 was the number plate of this guy’s favourite BMTC bus and KA1F232 is his Tesla’s number plates in California state

Many Tesla owners in the USA have interesting number plates. GA55 SUX is by far the most creative. But LOL WATT, EEF OIL, OIL LOL, ITS TYM, PASS GAS, SILENT1, THX ELON, BYBY GAS, CO2 FREE, NOMO GAS, NO PETRO, YPMP GAS, ELECHIK, 4GET OIL are funny too.

But, a former Bengaluru resident in the USA has chosen a different approach for the number plate of his new Tesla. He chose to cherish a nostalgic memory from his childhood instead. One that involves his favourite BMTC bus and the driver K Dhanapal assigned to cover BMTC route number 401B.

Paying tribute to a nostalgic memory

This is a rather unusual choice. But nostalgia and feelings it invokes in a person is one which can’t be shaken off. Some even form core memories too. This former Bengaluru resident has stayed anonymous, but mentioned the year was 1992 which has evoked this nostalgia. That bus, that route and that driver, Mr. Dhanapal were equally responsible for this strong memorabilia.

So strong, he chose the BMTC (Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation) bus number for his Tesla in the USA. The number he went for is KA1F232, which was the registration number given to his childhood bus KA – 01 F – 232. His Tesla is red too, matching the bus’ paint scheme in 1992. Maybe a white roof would accentuate that effect even further.

Unusual way to pay tribute to nostalgia

In Karnataka, only public transport vehicles (HPV) get an F registration letter. The BMTC route 401B goes towards Bengaluru North (Yelahanka). The Driver seems to have a part in his nostalgia as well. Good people with character leave a lasting mark. All in all, this anonymous former Bengaluru resident Tesla owner currently in California state is cherishing his childhood memory in an unusual way.

I am from Karnataka and a former Bengaluru resident and I perfectly understand why this Tesla owner is so nostalgic about the old city. I partially remember Bengaluru in the 90s and 2000s too and it was completely different from what it is today. It is unexplainable and you have to be there at that time to understand the gravity of the pull of how achingly pretty Bengaluru used to be.

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