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Bentley owner in India learns the disadvantages of fake alloys the hard way

Time and again we have asked readers to not use fake parts. Though fake parts look exactly the same, they have not been manufactured as per set norms, or have been tested. Recently, a Bentley owner in Delhi learnt a valuable lesson the hard way. Using fake alloys in his car which costs well over INR 3 crore, the Bentley owner was left stranded on the road when one of the fake alloy broke while he was on his way home.

It has been proved time and again that use of fakes could cause some serious repercussions where ones safety is concerned. The following article enumerates the dangers of using fake alloy wheels on ones vehicle just so that the car can be given a premium stance without shelling out a great deal of money.

Aftermarket alloy wheels do pose some attraction. It not only enhances the appearance of the vehicle but also offers the advantages of being lightweight and more durable. However, it should be kept in mind that the buyer should choose these wheels with caution and from reputed companies instead of resorting to off the shelf cheap replicas.

Buyers should keep these following points in mind while purchasing alloy wheels.

1. Cost – As the wheels are the only point of contact between the car and the road, cost should not be compromised when purchasing these wheels. Chinese products should be avoided at all cost while alloy wheels only from reputed OEMs should be preferred as these have been tested for durability, sturdiness and are offered with guarantee and warranty.

2. Reputed tyre shops – Buyers should prefer better known names over some small startup company selling alloy wheels. Online buyers should read reviews of other buyers prior to making purchase.

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3. Size and PCD – Each vehicle has a certain Pitch Circle Diameter – PCD. This is the circle that is drawn through the center of all the bolts. Buyers of alloy wheels should ensure that this PCD exactly complies with the original set of wheels fitted on the vehicle from the company. It should also be taken into account that while spacers add certain attractiveness to the vehicle it does result in some strain on the drivetrain.

4. Rim Cracks or Air Leak – These are the two occurances that can be seen in cheap alloy wheels. The rim bears the entire weight of the car and more so when the car goes over a pot hole at high speeds. Cheaper alloy wheels could crack under such circumstances while wheels from reputed manufacturers will be able to bear the impact as a great deal of research has gone into the making of these wheels. Air leak could also occur in case the rim is not made or fitted properly which could result in tyre burst.

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5. Warranty and Insurance– Aftermarket rims, be it from reputed manufacturers or cheaper models will make warranty on the car null and void since the car suspension is taking into account with regard to weight and size of the rims and no aftermarket rims could be exactly as per these specifications. Insurance companies could also refuse to insure the vehicle as aftermarket rims do not come under insurance. This would mean that in the event of an accident, if the rims crack, the insurance company can turn down the insurance claim outright leaving the car owner to foot the hefty cost of repairs.

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