Bentley Continental GT supercar owned by Manchester City striker Balotelli bombarded with rotten eggs by United fans

Would you ever bombard rotten eggs on a Bentley Continental GT or can you imagine one getting bombarded with rotten eggs? In most cases you would say no, but there are some times when you would like to bombard rotten eggs on a Bentley Continental GT. Something similar happened in Manchester on Sunday.

After helping his team, Manchester City win against Tottenham Hotspur in the dying minutes, Mario Balotelli was no less than a hero for the other half of Manchester. So in order to celebrate the occasion, Balotelli decided to have dinner at his favorite restaurant in Manchester. Balotelli had arrived at the restaurant in his Bentley Continental GT.

Just outside the restaurant where Balotelli was dining, there is a Manchester United pub where fans were watching their team play against Arsenal. After the game, United fans came out of the pub and saw Balotelli’s Bentley parked outside the restaurant. Remembering Balotelli’s stomping incident, United fans decided to bombard rotten eggs on Balotelli’s Bentley.

A witness to the entire episode revealed, “He’d parked down a side street but unfortunately it was parked right next door to a well-known Man United pub. Loads of fans were in there watching the later Arsenal game and they must have come out and seen his car. They pelted his roof with eggs. The yolk was dripping down all one side. It was pretty disgusting. I don’t know where they got their eggs from but there is a Sainsbury’s just yard away. I’m not sure if Mario saw them do it but he came rushing out of the restaurant and moved the car into the multi-storey.”