Bentley Continental GT V8 arrives in Germany via helicopter (Photos & Video)

Bentley Motors announced the arrival of their all new Continental GT coupe powered by 4.0L V8 twin turbocharged in Germany. Almost everybody out there on Munich streets gazed in amazement when they saw the red Continental GT in the air suspended from a helicopter. The flying Bentley Continental GT was on its way towards its podium, a high rise, near Munich’s city center, where 300 VIP guests were waiting for its arrival in the Deutschland.

For the European premier in Munich, the new Bentley Continental GT was lifted to the roof of the Bentley SkyLounge in Dingolfinger Road by a helicopter. The new Bentley Continental GT has a kerb weight of 2,300 kgs and a price tag of €180,000 ($237,000). The flying Bentley spectacle, organized for the 300 VIP guests, may not have been possible in the first place, as the city of Munich would at first, not approved this flight of fantasy. It was only when Mr Otto Seidl, CSU Councilor, approved, was the stunt carried out.

The new 4.0L V8 generates a maximum power of 500 bhp and 660 Nm torque. It is currently available in Continental GT and Continental GTC variants. Transmission is provided by a 8 speed automatic gearbox. Bentley Continental GT has a top speed of 303 kmph (188 mph) while 0-100 kmph (0-60 mph) acceleration time is 4.6 seconds. Other features include permanent all wheel drive and 40% more fuel efficient than previous variant. Another special feature of the new Bentley Continental GT’s V8 is that, while driving under normal conditions, it can switch off 4 of its 8 cylinders, in order to save fuel, but as soon as you hit the gas, the distinct roar returns.

Press Release


(Crewe/Munich. 10 February, 2012) Bentley Motors celebrated the arrival of its new 4.0 liter V8 Continental GT coupe in Germany with a sensational flying debut above downtown Munich.

Anyone struggling through the rush hour would have seen the bright red Bentley taking a dramatic short-cut, suspended beneath a helicopter, to beat the traffic jams and arrive at a specially-designed podium at the summit of a high rise complex close to Munich’s city centre. The fashionable SkyLounge – positioned in a glazed bridge between two skyscrapers – was the venue for an exclusive Bentley Continental V8 launch party for 300 VIP guests.

Klaus Becker, General Manager of Bentley Munich, who organized the show-stopping helicopter lift, commented:

“A dramatic car got the debut we felt it deserved and we took a little bit of our inspiration from Bentley’s iconic ‘Winged B’ emblem. On a practical level the helicopter was the fastest way to get to the rooftop podium.”