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Bentley posts 22% growth during 2012: China second best


Bentley Motors sold 8,510 cars in 2012, compared to 2011’s 7,003 cars, this is a 22% growth in sales. In China, where they posted 23% growth, Bentley is now the official importer.

Bentley Motors posts 22 percent growth during 2012 (4)Bentley Motors, the leading manufacturer of premium luxury vehicles in the world, have stated that 2012 was particularly noteworthy for the company. Global growth during 2012 increased by 22% with 8510 vehicles sold during the year as compared to 7003 units sold in 2011. Augmented deliveries were seen throughout the globe which instigated the company to increase global sales networks by 10%.

Bentley Motors invested heavily in new models during the past year while the entire team contributed to the company success. The company now looks ahead at 2013 to continue in the same vein despite challenges and economic downturns. New models will be introduced and the company has a strong commitment to maintaining growth throughout this year as well.

In the US, Bentley delivered 2457 units while in China the company delivered 2253 units, a 23% increase in the region as compared to 1839 units delivered in 2011. Sales across Europe grew by 12% to 1333 units delivered to customers as compared to 1187 units delivered in the region in 2011. Russia proved to be a positive growing market with 37% increase in the region while 1104 units were delivered in UK during 2012 as compared to 1031 units delivered in 2011. Sales across Asia Pacific, Japan and the Middle East also contributed to the Bentley success story in 2012 with Japanese sales increasing 73% to 190 deliveries in 2012, up from just 110 deliveries in 2011.


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