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Bentley Mulsanne electric hybrid concept revealed before Beijing Motor Show

bentley hybrid concept photos 1 front view

2014 Beijing Motor Show is where Bentley will be showcasing its new green technology which will be seen in a new electric hybrid concept, based on the Mulsanne performance luxury car. This new concept will deliver the same performance and luxury features for which a Bentley is world renowned, but with lesser carbon emissions, thereby making them environment friendly.

bentley hybrid concept photos 1 front viewSpeaking about their new hybrid technology, it is very similar to what you see on the Toyota Prius. A Bentley will be able to travel upto 30 miles (45 kms) on pure electric power under this new technolgy. Bentley’s endeavour to go green means that the company will be converting most of its luxury cars to plug in hybrid power over the next few years. By the end of this decade, 9 out of 10 Bentley’s will be plug-in hybrid.

This will mean that all luxury models will have the emission standards as low as Ford Fiesta hatchback with a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions but a power increase of 25%. Current Mulsanne emits about 393 gms/km of CO2. Once fitted a hybrid system, the emissions will be down to just 118 gms/km.

Their upcoming luxury offerings with on board electric motors will be charged from mains or from the use of electric power generated from braking. This will come into effect while retaining its level of luxury, unique design features and leading level of refinement for which Bentley is now famous.

Bentley Mulsanne hybrid will only be a concept. The first car with this electric hybrid technology will be seen on their new 4×4 SUV, which is slated for launch in 2017. To be priced at around £110,000 (Rs 1.1 crores), the upcoming SUV will be the most powerful model in the market in the segment. It will also be the most luxurious in the segment, of which Bentley expects to sell a total of 3,000 units per annum. After this, Bentley plans to launch a new entry level ‘Baby Bentley’. For more information, scroll through the press release below.

bentley hybrid concept photos 2 rear view

bentley hybrid concept photos 3 front grille

bentley hybrid concept photos 4 charging

bentley hybrid concept photos 5 interiors

bentley hybrid concept photos 6 instrument cluster and steering wheel

bentley hybrid concept photos 7 gear control

bentley hybrid concept photos 8 center console

bentley hybrid concept photos 9 air vent with hybrid moniker

bentley hybrid concept photos 10 engine

bentley hybrid concept photos 11 headlights

bentley hybrid concept photos 12 alloy wheel

bentley hybrid concept photos 13 side vents chrome


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