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Bentley reception area in Crewe wins 2012 British Interior Awards


Bentley Motors is well known for its unique and innovative designs seen in its vehicle lineup. Besides their vehicles, Bentley Motors also concentrates on their plant set up and reception area which is designed to project them being a globally renowned luxury brand.

Bentley Motors’ reception area at their headquarters in Crewe has been adjudged as a winner at the 2012 Society of British Interior Design Awards. Receiving “Overall Winner” award has been a prestigious win for the company which was judged by a panel of noted designers which also included Professor Jimmy Choo OBE.

This state of the art reception area has been designed by FutureBrand, a British design agency along with inputs received from Bentley. Its interior design brings to the fore Bentley’s high-tech design values and showcases Bentley materials in its personalized furniture which is upholstered in the choicest of veneers and leathers. Desks in reception area are designed on the same lines as a Bentley car. Huge glass cases display various trophies Bentley has received through the years while there is a new boutique of Bentley Collections.


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