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Bentley unveils exclusive leather goods and eyewear to compliment their iconic Continental GT Convertible

British luxury car manufacturer, Bentley Motors has launched a new exclusive and limited edition range of leather goods and eyewear which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this week. Frankfurt Motor Show is scheduled to kick off on the 15th of September.

The exclusive limited edition Bentley accessories are made by Ettinger, a family owned exclusive leather goods company. Just how Bentley engineers have designed and manufactured Continental GTC Convertible, Ettinger has hand stitched these leather products to perfection in a similar fashion.

The Bentley leather collection includes, iPhone case, BlackBerry case, leather loop keyring, and a key case. The collection is named as Bentley Breeze leather collection. Apart from these, Bentley has also launched new Continental GT Convertible 1:43 models. These models are handmade and each part is assembled by a Sussex based company. Only 50 such models are on sale.

Then there is ‘The Flying B’ range, which includes, bottle stopper, letter opener, and paperweight. Bentley Collection also includes a 4 piece Espresso coffee cup set with scenes from Le Mans and Brooklands racing tracks imprinted.

Bentley sunglasses will offer the ultimate craftsmanship along with latest in eyewear technology to give you a never before experienced luxury and style. The eyewear too is handcrafted. Designers have paid a lot of attention while designing the eyewear inspired from Bentley Continental GTC. Prices start from €7,150.


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